filene's basement

  1. Hi ladies,
    I don't know if this is of any interest for you, but I wanted to get me a denim at filene's basement. So I looked online for coupons etc, but the only thing they had was for new customers. So I signed up with a new email adress and got the coupon. When I got the jeans, my BFF wanted it too (7 low rise for 30 Dollars), so I printed out the coupon again, cut off my Email adress at the bottom and it worked. They don't care about your email adress, so since then I bought several things for (extra) 20% off - I print the coupons as long as they're valid, if they aren't anymore I just set up a new email account and get myself a new coupon =)
  2. thats awesome. and 7's for $30? ?? ? ? ?? ? ? ? are u serious? i've never seen that. =O can you attach the coupon or link to where we can set up the account ? lol thanks! and CONGRATS!
  3. no, really =) they were already on sale (from 130 dollars to final 42)
    just go to their homepage and sign up for their newletter with an email adress that is not in the mailing list and you should be fine (at least it worked for me 2 days ago)
  4. the 7s at my FB are all $99 even the damaged or irregular ones
  5. I've seen them this cheap @ Saks off 5th sometimes. Just gotta look @ the sale racks :smile:
  6. which Filene's is this? The one near me never has women's 7FAM.
  7. Make sure you're not confusing 7 For All Mankind jeans with 7 Seven jeans, which are not the same at all. They have them sometimes on
  8. Yes, I found out about the difference after I had bought two pairs at FB- always try things on. They sell the 7's in the juniors department for around $40, but they are definitely cut for juniors. The 7 for All Mankind jeans are in the womens section priced usually around $99, and they are much easier to wear if you have any curve to you at all.
  9. Do you have a copy of this 20% coupon ??
  10. basic models (usually blue jeans) from 7 for all mankind are hardly on sale in FB. Only some non-popular ones are on sale like light pink corduroy or beige cropped jeans in size 24/25 etc.
  11. Thanks for the post of the coupon.
  12. It was the store on state street in chicago - and I already thought the sale could be a mistake since I never saw a 7 for all mankind on sale over there...but anyway they had them two weeks ago over there and they were 30 dollars with the 20% off coupon - I don't know if there are any left.
  13. I went today to see these $30 SFAMK jeans. All the SFAMK jeans were $99 (luckily I found a 20% coupon) Anyhow I found the perfect pair. Still very happy they were under $100
  14. sorry, maybe they noticed it...too bad,i wanted to go there tomorrow and get a pair for my sister, i wish i had taken 2 of them...