Filene's Basement, Framingham, MA

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  1. this Filene's Basement is closing :sad:

    They close their doors on Feb they are having massive markdowns right anyone in the area should check it out. All "VAULT" stuff is 70% off already. I am sure the markdowns will get better too- but by that time stuff will be picked over!
  2. The one by me is closing as well in Levittown, NY -- are they all closing on Feb. 28th?? -- i was meaning to call and ask them
  3. I am not sure if they are all closing on Feb 28th- I asked the the cashier at the store I was at yesterday.
  4. oh no i sure hope not! as far as i know, the three filene's basements in the dc area are still up and running. does anyone know anything different?
  5. Oh no that's HORRIBLE. I loved the downtown Boston one and the Framingham one when I lived out East.
  6. the one in lawrenceville, nj is also closing
  7. Did anyone go? I'd love a real life report from the store!
  8. I'll have to go tomorrow! I was there a couple weeks back and everything was marked down maybe 10 to 30 %. I wondered if it was a store closing sale, and I guess now it is!

    It's really too bad. That particular location almost always has great stuff!
  9. i went today
    "VAULT" is 70% off, already picked over
    some cashmere sweater such as RL, CK etc are 40% off
    rest of stuff is 25% off such as purses, premium jeans.......
    gucci, dior, armani sunglasses are 40% off but picked over as well

    there are small section of old old inventory is 75% off
    i ended up buying nothing
  10. I went yesterday and the vault stuff was 75% off. I was able to get a pair of Goldsign jeans for $7 and a See by Chole dress for $75. Everthing is picked over but there are still some good stuff placed in really random places.
  11. i went to my local filene's basement yesterday and i didn't find anything except a pair of sandals for $15. the Vault stuff was picked through but wasn't even deeply discounted. they still had an armani jacket for $800. i was hoping to get some good deals on denim but they didn't have much. keep in mind this is only my filene's in MD though, hopefully the others are better...
  12. The one in Tysons Corner VA is closing...I haven't been yet but plan on going on Thurs!
  13. oooh, can you let me know if you see anything good? thanks!

  14. anyone been to the one in Towson, MD yet? or Hunt Valley?