Filenes Basement Chicago-Michigan Avenue

  1. Just got back from Filenes Basement and they have about 25 pieces of Arancia in all sorts of styles. Bella bella, mamma mia, denaro, trenino, ciao ciao and the sling backpack. And one foresta braciletto (sp?) So, if anyone likes that print and lives in the area, go there and enjoy the savings.
  2. Thanks for the info. I work about 2 blocks away and never thought to check there. Alas, the solid prints do nothing for me... I like my Toki on the outside. - But I'll start dropping by there regularly too.

    >Oh wait, you said Michigan Ave... not State Street. I guess that's a little too far for my lunch break. I guess I can combine it with a long-lunch/taxi ride up to Bloomies occaisionally.
  3. If anyone sees a Aranacia stellina anywhere & can snatch it up for me I'd love them forever!!!!
  4. I'll look when I go again and scoop it up for you if I see it. But I do not remember seeing one.
  5. do you happen to remember how much the deneros were? i'd love one. do they chargesend? it would have to be a good deal for me to drive there from wisconsin if they don't!
  6. They were 39.99, w/a qee. I got a denaro at TJ Maxx for 24.99, but no qee.