Filene's Basement Additional 75% off

  1. Hey everyone, Filene's basement is having an additional 75% in stores right now!
    You have to look a little but I got some awesome deals.

    I got a pair of men's Kenneth Cole dress pants, Nautica jean shorts, 2 pairs of women's J Brand Jeans, and 4 pairs of Havania Flip Flops all for $88! :yahoo:
  2. I forgot a Men's Nautica dress shirt in the above post
  3. Wow, congrats on all your purchases!

    Sigh, no Filene's Basement in the west coast. I'm also envious when I see the NY sample sales too.
  4. :nuts: WHAT A GREAT PRICE! congrats on your purchases!
    how much were the j brand jeans?
    i can't believe how low the prices are getting for premium denim! i was at filene's not too long ago and got some 575s for $60 and thought they were great! but realized they weren't on an additional sale lol so i think i might return them haha

    which filene's were you at??

  5. Thanks for the heads-up on this sale. I'm flying to Cape Cod tomorrow and will now certainly hit the Filene's Basement in Hyannis while I'm there. Sure do miss them down here in Florida...Glad that you got such great deals! Congrats!
  6. I was at the Filene's Basement in Atlanta...the J Brand jeans came up to $14.99 EACH :tup:
  7. is it 75% off clearance? anyone know if its still goin on tomorrow?