Filene's and Lohemanns

  1. I stopped by Filenes basement and Loehmanns in NY today and Filenes had Inferno scoulas and treninos, and some Paradiso and Citta stuff. Lohemanns had Citta Rosa denaros, a caramella, a bambino, porta and a trenino. I was there forever trying to decide.
  2. How much are the denaros?
  3. They were 44.99, there was only 2 and i b ought one..
  4. ah lucky. my loehmanns doesn't have denaros...
  5. i was suprised to see the caramella
  6. wow! how much were the inferno treninos???!!!
  7. I think they were 189.99
  8. How much was the caramella :graucho:

    What did you end up buying besides the denaro? :tup:
  9. hmm guess ill have to check loehmanns near me again this week! its been a while since i bought the trenino there, maybe they got some new stuff in.
  10. Eeeeeee! I hope they get new prints in my Filene's! All I ever see are Arancias. I checked earlier today too! Hahaha, I laughed when I saw that someone had tried to turn an Arancia Mamma Mia inside out so the Foresta was on the outside... I was like, I know exactly how you feel. ><
  11. must ... not ... buy anything!!!
  12. I guess I better go my loehmanns as well.
  13. so Lohemanns in CA will get inferno soon? i cant wait! i'd settle for another trenino or luna. lolz
  14. ohhh which lohemanns and filene's in ny? The ones I went to in nyc didn't have anything tokidoki except a couple solid colored ones..
  15. I just went on a similar Toki hunt yesterday (7/24) and this is what I found in stores:

    Century 21
    (Cortlandt Street)
    Nothing :sad:

    (Union Square)
    Famiglia (Portotelefono, Dolce, Canguro, Bambino, Bambinone, Bella, Ciao Ciao, Gioco, Zucca, MM. BV, Stellina, Campeggio, Cucciolo, Nuvola & Scuola... and maybe Ciao and Luna :confused1:)
    Amore (in several of the styles mentioned above... definitely in Cucciolo and BV)
    Pirata (not many left... can't recall the styles :push:smile:
    Bianco (in several of the styles mentioned above... definitely in Zucca and BV)
    Notte (in several of the styles mentioned above... definitely in Dolce, Stellina, Bambinone and Ciao Ciao)
    Fumo (I only saw one or two in Ciao Ciao)

    Filene's Basement
    (Union Square)
    Arancia (Dolce, Bella, MM, BV, Zucca & Luna)
    Grey Citta (Bambino)
    Paradiso (Bambino)

    Grey Citta (Portotelefono & Trenino)
    Paradiso (Nuvola [damaged] & Trenino)
    Inferno (Scuola)

    Arancia (Bocce, Bella, BV, Zucca)
    Paradiso (Nuvola)

    Arancia (BV & Zucca )
    Grey Citta (Portotelefono)
    Paradiso (Bocce)

    Grey Citta (Braccialetto & Scuola)
    Rosa Citta (Portotelefono)

    Arancia (Zucca)
    Grey Citta (Trenino & Scuola)

    I wasn't able to hit the Century 21 in Bay Ridge (too far away... I was doing it all via subway and bus!... city girl = no car). Nothing for me this time... although I did score a cute Le Sportsac non-Toki at Century 21 (very Beatrix Potter/Wind in the Willows type art) and found two Tokis last week by chance :wlae: (Filene's Basement UWS & Loehmann's Riverdale)... an Inferno Bambinone (which I was very much wanting) and a Olive Camo Canguro (love it, but I wish it had a leather loop for the Qee!) :confused1:

    Sorry I couldn't post yesterday...had to catch up with work I left off from my day out hunting. Hope this is helpful for other NYC shoppers... Happy hunting! :smile: