Filed my first PayPal claim

  1. Well, I just filed my first PayPal claim and I wanted to get some thoughts on whether I did the right thing.

    I did a BIN on a Balenciaga bag, and I paid $576.54 for it. The seller was in France with 27 positive feedbacks. I paid via Paypal right away and didn't hear from the seller. After a few days, I contacted the seller and he responded that he would mail the bag after the weekend because there was no mail service on Saturday.

    I waited a week and the bag didn't arrive and I didn't hear from the seller. So I e-mailed and asked whether he'd mailed the bag, and when I should expect it. No answer. Waited a few days and e-mailed again. No answer. Waited a few days and filed a PayPal complaint. He reponded within 24 hours with a French tracking number and link to the equivalent of the USPS.

    I went to the site and entered the number and received a message that it was invalid (no record of an item with that number within the last 30 days). I sent an e-mail to him via EBay and also through PayPal. Twenty-four hours later, no response. So I filed a claim. Of course, PayPal says I can only recoup $175. That doesn't seem right.

    The question is: Was I hasty or would you have done the same?
  2. With regards to you paypal claim the trick to getting all of your money back is if you paid with a credit card or not i.e when you paid with paypal all the money left your credit card. If this is the case then you can file a "chargeback" with your credit card company. I know in the UK you would be covered up to £500 which is about $900. By doing this your credit card company will get all of the money back from paypal and it's up to paypal to try and get it back from the seller.
    Of course leave it a few weeks before you do this, your bag could turn up.
  3. Maybe your seller is just away from the computer? I know I am away for long periods of time sometimes, and I can't check e-mail. I would give it some time. What was wrong with the tracking #? I am wondering if it's showing as invalid for the same reason USPS electronic delivery confirmation #s always show up as invalid when you print them out yourself (because no one scans them). In the case of USPS, the only time the delivery confirmation would show activity is when the package has actually been delivered. Do you know the shipping method (speed) that your seller used?

    I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I purchased a pair of shoes on eBay around 2 weeks ago and they haven't arrived. I just e-mailed the seller today. Sometimes the mail is really, really, really slow, and more so if international.

    Good luck--I hope it all works out in your favor!
  4. I think you did the right thing by filing a claim. Since the buyer didn't have the decency to contact you, but was able to send paypal a tracking number, I doubt they were just away from their computer. If a seller is going to sell items with that high dollar value then as a seller they should be extra diligent on the communication.

    International shipping can take up to 30 days though, depending on the method of shipment, which of course your seller hasn't provided you with. You only have 45 days to file with paypal, it's good you started it now.
  5. Well, I figure if it shows up I will stop the dispute. If not, well . . .
  6. If you paid paypal by credit card, call up yur credit card company to dispute the charge or reverse charge. If the bag arrives, then you can always call back your credit card company to cancel the dispute.

    The objective is to get back all of your money as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get any money back.

    By the way, you did the right thing to initiate the Paypal claim immediately.
  7. ^I agree with Christiflora's, and I think you did the right thing to file a claim, asap. The fact that he didn't try to contact you until after you filed a complaint is a little fishy to me.

    However, from personal experience, shipping from overseas can take a month as someone suggested (esp. if the seller uses a cheap shipping method and doesn't use express), and sometimes tracking numbers might not always be accurate. But the fact that your seller hasn't been in consistent communication with you raises a red flag in my book.
  8. It's the lack of communication that bothers me. If he would respond to my questions I wouldn't be nearly as concerned.
  9. I wonder if it is possible your shipment is detained by Customs? Sometimes, I luck out and have some packages detained by Customs. Then they take their time to send out the documentation to the addressee. I had a shipment held up for 10 extra days without knowing where it had gone to, when it was sitting in Customs all the while.
  10. Sorry to hear this is happening to you Rondafaye - you seem to be having a lot of eBay issues lately! Hopefully this one gets sorted out soon too. I definitely think you did the right thing by filing the paypal claim. What else is a buyer supposed to think if their e-mails are being unanswered and tracking numbers don't work?

    On the positive side, I had a bag purchase that seemed to be going the same way earlier this year. There was minimal communication from the seller and the bag didn't get to me until over a month after the auction ended (and it was only being sent from the US to Canada). The tracking number finally provided by the seller didn't work either. I was really starting to feel that I was being scammed. Luckily, I kept the faith and eventually my bag made it to me with a sweet note of thanks and some scented candals. Hopefully things work out for you and your Balenciaga too!

    Good luck!!!
  11. Basically the same thing happened to me with a UK seller. I filed a paypal claim and they froze their account, and I finally received my boots. It was funny how fast they finally e mailed me when their account was frozen. good Luck!
  12. Thanks, everyone. The seller has contacted me to swear he mailed the item, but it still hasn't arrived.

    Sharbear -- You're right about the EBay irritations lately. I have this bag, which hasn't shown up, along with an antique watch that never arrived.

    On the selling side, I had a non-paying bidder and a "buyer's remorse" buyer. The selling stuff is all worked out. Now I am just missing the bag and the watch. Thank goodness, the watch was less than $50.