Filed for NPB, do I wait 7 more days?

  1. Can I relist immediately after I filed for non-paying bidder (meaning 8th day after auction already). From the wording of the NPB filing, it looks as if eBay wants me to give the buyer 7 more days to respond to the dispute ?!
  2. I usually wait until that extra week, on several occasions the buyer has finally paid. However, if the buyer does not respond to the dispute after 8 days you can close the claim and your final value fees will be automatically refunded. Unfortunately the listing fee is not refunded.
    If the buyer does not respond at all within the set time frame you can leave a negative without fear of getting one back out of retaliation.
    Non-paying bidders are indeed a pain.
  3. I was in the same situation a couple of weeks back.

    I just waited the additional days. The buyer ended up paying me, about 3 days after I filed!

    I actually was hoping they didnt, because I thought maybe I could get more $$ in another auction. LOL

    Oh well.
  4. I think you CAN relist right away but I usually wait the extra 7 days to see if they pay. Why do these people bid???
  5. darn, alright I'll wait. Why are there so many pain-in-the-*** bidders out there. I hope he won't pay so that I can get my FVF back and relist.
  6. I always wait the 7 days also before relisting- I agree its a pain. I know they then get an unpaid item strike if they don't respond I didn't realize I could leave negative feedback without their being able to respond- thanks for the info:yes: