Filed a claim on PayPal. Now what?

  1. I won an item on eBay while I was away. When I got back, 2 1/2 days after auction's end, I got a few somewhat harrassing emails from the seller to make payment. I assumed the seller was just being overly cautious about not having heard from me. I notice that the seller had relisted the item. I emailed and asked about this, and she responded that she'll email the buyer and tell them the item was no longer for sale. I go ahead and make payment via PayPal, and email her asking for tracking info. I did not hear back. A week later, I filed a dispute with PayPal. She immediately responded, saying she wanted $50 more, that unless I remove the dispute, she'll just keep the bag and refund my money.

    Of course, no refund followed. I left two more messages for her on the dispute panel.

    Eleven days later now since I paid, I escalated the dispute to a claim.

    Now what? Even though I've had over 400 transactions on eBay, this is the first time something like this has happened. Anyone with experience offer some advice?

    Oh, and she filed a non-paying claim on eBay against me. I emailed eBay to remove it, providing the proof from PayPal payment. I have YET to get a response. UGH!

    Thanks in advance, all!
  2. Mmm, sorry for misread but I assume you made payment after she told you she relisted it?
  3. She wanted an extra $50? What for?
    Paypal will just look over the payment etc, it can take about a month sometimes though! :sad:
    Hope you get this sorted
  4. No, she didn't tell me a thing. When I went to make payment via PP thru the link in the auction, the top band showed the same item in "Other Items from this Seller". That's how I knew.

    But regardless, that has no bearing on the fact that I paid for the item, I shoudl receive the item, or a refund.
  5. Yah, PP sent an email after I filed the claim and stated it may take a month, sometimes more. UGH. I hate having a chunk of $ tied up like that.

    Thanks. :sad:
  6. :shocked: OH! She received your payment with gladly while she HAS RELISTED it?? :push: She should immediately refund your payment if she's relisted it! I hate ppl like that!

    I ever got the similiar thing happened to me, on Dec. I made big fight to get back my over $700. The worse, my seller even accused me want to cheat her, abuse system etc!

    Beware, they're too smart and will accuse you back. Don't pay anything even $50! You won't know, after you send her $50, will she send you the exactly item on her auction or the lower quality! PayPal won't care for SNAD.

    If I were you, I'll prefer to get back my money. Don't do business with dishonest ppl like her.

    Anyway, did she put payment terms in her auction such as how long buyer need to contact her or make payment?
  7. LVGodiva,

    Same here! Over $700. :sad:

    The terms were to make payment within 7 days, which I adhered to.

    I guessI'll have to wait to find out what PP will do. What happens if she doesn't respond to them at all, like she hasn't to me?

    I would figure this is open and shut -- they have confirmation that I paid, and she can't give them tracking info, and even stated on the console she won't mail it out -- it should be so simple.

    eBay and PP. They're horrible at customer service. :yucky:
  8. :wtf: we have similiar experience with similiar amount!

    7 days and you left her for 2,5 days or say as 3 days! It even has not pass from her payment term time limit.

    Have you provide this information to PayPal? Yes, she pretty know if she didn't respond PayPal dispute, PayPal will cover you for $175 only.

    When I got the similiar thing, I exposed seller's ID and full name here. Finally, she initiated me full refund. It's important for other fellow tPFers to refuse scam artist like her.

    Thought your seller has no good faith from the first time!

    Good luck fatefullotus
  9. Really? They'll only cover $175??? That's awful!!
  10. I happened it when I purchased LV Keepall for $280. Made me upset! I emailed the seller to go ahead to refund me the rest within 7 days or further law action will be taken.

    Finally, he refunded me the rest but not really the rest! He had my money $120 and refunded me for $80-83 only. See, how cheat and dishonest they're.
  11. UGH. :crybaby:

    Thanks for the heads-up, LVG.
  12. Good luck fatefullotus. I hope you'll get full of your money.

    How if you call that nasty seller?
  13. UPDATE:

    The seller did not respond to PayPal, and so PayPal granted me $200 of the over $700 I paid. I just lost over $500.

    eBay sent a warning to the seller. PayPal sent a warning to the seller. Nothing else.

    I will pursue by other means.

    I have no qualms about exposing this seller here, as I feel taking $700+ from someone and not sending them their item deserves warning to the community that buys and sells authentic purses.

    The seller is EMJOY76. Please beware this seller!
  14. What an awful thing to happen.
    I always check the paypal protection box now at the bottom of the auction listing and if you notice for this auction paypal only offers $200 of protection.
    Personally now I do not bid on expensive items that do not offer the adequate protection.
    I think this is also very sneaky of paypal as one automatically assumes they are fully protected by paypal. Wrong!
    I hope that you paid using a credit card so you can perhaps file a chargeback with them.
    Keep us updated.
  15. Do an immediate credit card dispute on your credit card. You are not liable to pay for items not received, especially internet purchases.