File size too large - please help

  1. I apologize for my naivety, but how do I post pictures here? It says my file size is too large. I'm using Kodak Easy Share - any help would be appreciated.

    I'm sure there's a previous link about this, but I was unable to find out how to make my pics smaller in order to get them uploaded.

  2. It ALWAYS does that to me too. :tdown: I go to, upload the pics, then resize for message board, and copy and paste to here. HTH! :tup:
  3. i go to, browse for your pics there and resize them... then after it resizes your image, go down to the bottom of the page... copy and paste the link that says "direct link" and copy onto TPF under insert image... and bam your good to go! :tup:
  4. Ok, I feel like an idiot - I can't seem to get it to work and now I'm frustrated! I'll try again another day, I'm tired - long week. Sorry I couldn't share with you guys my new buy today.
  5. LOL... thats ok impulse... i know how that can get frustrating... can't wait to see your new purchases when you are able to put pictures up!! :woohoo:
  6. I made my Meez character yesterday and she was all animated and I tried to put her on here and it said that it doesn't accept animations. I know that it does because I see other animated Meez pictures. I decided that the Meez gal I made didn't really look like me anyway so I didn't care.
  7. try to upload and resize...
  8. Upload your meez to Photobucket and then put the link in your sig. If you try to u/l it to tPF in the sig area, it won't work (and any non-animated pics will be really small)