File a Dispute or Claim?

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  1. For an item not received, should I file a dispute or escalate immediately to a claim? :confused1:
  2. what is the seller saying? do you have tracking? insurance? need a bit more info ;)
  3. Oops, sorry! :shame:

    I paid $495 for auction with insurance through Paypal, via my credit card. Seller did not put tracking on the package. :cursing: I did not receive an email stating that a label had been created. Approx. 5-6 days (?) after seller said it had been shipped, I questioned seller as it was not received yet. This was when seller told me that the insurance serial # was sufficient, and that was a tracking number. :wtf: Per the insurance serial #,the item was accepted by Florida post office March 11th. My Post office in California says with the insurance serial # provided, there is no record of them having received the package into their facility.

    I have been in reciprocative contact with the seller up until last week. When I was told that they were going to contact their post office, they told me they were told that anything over $200 insured has to be picked up at the post office directly. Uh, no. :nogood: Confirmed this with my post office. I have gotten many packages that fit this criteria, and they have all been sent to my home with a signature required. My Ebay feedback is 100%, 85% of it from buying. :angel: Seller said they were confident that my package was waiting there for me. I have spoken with 3 different agents, and they have all told me it is not there and they have no record of it ever arriving there.

    Seller has not answered the last two messages I sent through the Ebay's message center. First one was April 3rd, and the second, April 7th.

    I filed a dispute yesterday, first through Ebay, and then it linked me up to Paypal to complete. It said that I had 20 days to file a claim if the seller and I can't come to a conclusion.

    Should I just file a claim now since I have had no contact with the seller? I have never done this before.

    Help ladies and gents! :flowers:
  4. I'd go ahead and escalate to a claim. She's talking nonsense. So sorry that you're having to go through this
  5. Escalate the claim and if you paid with your CC through paypal, call them immediately. File a chargeback, so you won't have to pay interest on this item. You need to CYA.
  6. I would go ahead and escalate to a claim, but I'd not do a chargeback yet, as they will close your claim when the chargeback is filed. If you do not get resolution through Paypal, you can go to your credit card company after, but you cannot do both at the same time.
  7. Yep, escalate!
  8. Is their a benefit of sticking with the Paypal claim for now, vs. contacting my credit card and disputing the charge?
  9. PayPal, will of course, want you to stick to using them only. It creates less paperwork for them to deal with if you do.

    My experience, and from reading all of these posts on tPF, is that a credit card company acts on your behalf IMMEDIATELY. They credit you back and then figure out the rest. Not all credit card companies are the same though. So far, American Express has been the company to beat!
  10. So no real benefit to me.....I think I will contact my cc company. :yes: