File a Claim or warn seller I will be?

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  1. I Recieved my Gorgeous Bal Bag this morning however although there was a little damage to a replaced side bit the seller said like new
    however upon recieving it string bit aroun the handles has slightly wore and there are 3 patches on the bag i can see where the metallic is wearing
    I love the bag but im so annoyed people can't be honest!!
    P.s I have also now noticed Seller Used Brand New Pics (when she bought it from seller on her auctions:cursing::cursing:
    Please Help!!
    Should I Tell Her Or Straight Away File A Paypal Claim?
  2. You may as well contact her first and see if you can resolve the situation! She may get annoyed if you dont and go straight to paypal then may not be so helpful!
  3. I agree with disignermummy. Contact the seller about the problems. If she is not willing to cooperate, then you can file a SNAD with eBay.
  4. I agree with the above...see if she will work with you first.
  5. Just Recieved this response:
    If I had seen these faults I would have mentioned them. I only used the bag once, and since then I had left it at a shoe repair shop for 3 months. As soon as I got it back I listed it on eBay. Before I left it at the shoe repair shop, it didn't have those such flaws you mention. You didn't pay much at all for such an expensive bag. You are lucky enough to have bought it for only $450, when I paid $800 only to use it once.

    I guess she is calling me a liar then hmmm? Help please!!!
  6. Ok so you did you part you communicated with the seller. Once you have been down that avenue with no luck open up a paypal claim as item received not as described and put down exactly what is wrong with the bag asking for a full refund.
  7. She sounds like a total :censor:. I can't believe she had the audacity to tell you that YOU were the one lucky enough to have a great deal on this bag. First of all, the "deal" is not THAT great and second of all, price is irrelevent in this issue. You won the bag for the price she obviously condoned and she knowingly falsely advertised it's condition. Also how is it YOUR problem that she paid $800 for a bag she used only once?????

    I am so sorry you are going through this, what a PITA. File a Paypal dispute for sure, you already did your part to try and be nice and handle it with her privately IMO.
  8. Why was the bag in the shop I wonder?? That's horrible that she is trying to
    make it sound like she did you a favor! I would definitely file a claim ASAP and if you used a credit card, contact the cc company as well. I hope this works out for you.
  9. I cannot believe she left this bag in a "shoe repair shop" for 3 months! :wtf: How would the shoe repair shop know how to repair this unique color of BBag? I bet the shoe repair shop did not put this First in its dust bag but left it sit with other shoes. :yucky: Definitely file a SNAD with eBay.