Fijibuni's Growing Collection!

  1. Here is my smallish collection :wlae:

    Gucci Blue Floral Wave Hobo
    Gucci Large Waist Bag


    My Flat In London Bag
    Coach Handbag
    Bulga Large Butterfly in Goldrush

    View attachment DSCN1398.pdf

    Paul and Joe for Target Owl Bag
    Loop NYC Messenger
    Betsy Johnson Weekend Bag

    View attachment DSCN1401.pdf

    *Sorry for the PDF files, the files were too large so it was my only option, I'll try to do something about it?:yes:*
  2. Great collection and a little -bump- for this thread.
  3. I love that waist bag.
  4. Great Collection.
  5. Love your Gucci Blue Floral Wave Hobo
  6. Love your Hobo bag.
  7. adorable.
  8. Love the gucci
  9. Very nice!
  10. cute floral gucci
  11. I love the floral gucci, very nice!
  12. thanks for sharing your collection! I love the gucci's!
  13. Lovely.
  14. I really wanted that owl bag too, it was cute! I love the shine on the Bulga bag :heart:
  15. Love that GUCCI waist bag.... something that never goes out of style :tup: