Figure Skating

  1. Anyone like figure skating? If so, who's your favorite skater? Do you watch or skate? I would say my favorite skater is Stephane Lambiel! I also like Johnny Weir and of course Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen, and Fumie Suguri.
  2. I used to love figure skating back in the 90's when Michelle Kwan was popular. She was my favorite. I also liked Nancy Kerrigan, Rudy Galindo, Kristy Yamaguchi, Surya Bonaly, and Ekaterina Gordeeva. I also remember hating Tara Lipinski. Haha. I haven't watched figure skating in years though. It's just lost its charm for me because there aren't any stars anymore.

    Did anyone here watch Blades of Glory? I thought it was hilarious.
  3. Wow, gets me inspired for the next Olympics! I love Kristy Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan and Surya Bonaly most definitely and of course Oksana Bayiul (sp?)hope she is OK...

    As a hockey player who only takes the ice in full on gear I have a deep appreciation of those who take to the ice in bare minimum costumes with leaps and twists that baffle us all. My hat is off.
  4. It's my favourite thing to watch during the Olympics. I also liked that TV show we had over here called "Dancing On Ice". So cool to watch! I went to see a couple of ice-skating shows last year and they rocked - Swan Lake on Ice, and this thing called Hot Ice lol. However, I myself can't even stand up on ice-skates let alone move around and twirl. Thats probably why I admire them so much haha.
  5. Love love love it! I took lessons up until two years ago. I really miss it and want to get back into it.

    Katya Gordeeva and Sergei Grinkov were my absolute favorite skaters ever.
  6. I adore it, even though I am too old now and very timid about taking risks that were nothing to me when I was a teenage girl. Try to skate throughout the winter when the open air rinks open up and it is one of the few sports I am good at! I watch skating a bit, but it is so rarely on - would much rather take to the ice myself though.
  7. my thoughts EXACTLY!!! was about to post THE SAME THING!!! haha LOVED LOVED LOVED michelle kwan and all the other "oldies". i still watch some of my fave pieces that they've skated on youtube!! tara lapinski...eeeaaaah....not so much either. and OMG! blades of glory was HILARIOUS!
  8. i loved to watch figure skating as a kid... but as i've gotten older, i lost interest altogether... i can't remember the last time i watched any televised competition, though... not even during the last Olympic games. i think the next nationals is coming to Minneapolis in January... i'm thinking of getting tix for my parents since they both, especially my mom, LOVE watching the competitions on tv.
  9. I've been figure skating for almost 9 years! I started when I was 9 and did shows & competitions until I was 14. Skating everyday started to get in the way of my studies, so I had to end it. I still skate for fun though... it keeps me from losing my jumps lol. I don't watch it on tv that much, unless Sasha Cohen is on. She's my favorite skater :smile:
  10. I love figure skating and try and watch it every time it's on!
  11. yay to all you skating fans! I must admit my interest in watching skating on tv has lessened and I do miss the days when Michelle was at the top. Todays skaters just don't have the spark or dare I say the talent of captivating the audience. A lot of you liked Surya Bonaly.... she was a great skater! Oh and I can't forget about Midori Ito. IMO she was the best ladies jumper ever.

    Tara Lipinski got on my nerves in 98 when she beat Michelle but it was still a magical year. I started skating because of the Olympics in 98!

    jillybean307 - you should take up skating again! This is my 9th year skating =) I agree about Gordeeva and Grinkov. I'm so glad she's happy with Ilia now because Grinkov's death was so tragic.

    Miss Sooky - I'm the same way. I don't take the same risks on the ice as when I was 14

    Argh I still need to see Blades of Glory!
  12. I've met the family quite a few times, and they are such an attractive family. Ilya has done so well being a stepfather to Dasha and Liza is a little pip. She has them all wrapped around her little finger. She's a great little skater too for being so young!
  13. Hey we're the same! 9 years of skating for me too! I don't train as hard now but I do go back just so I don't lose my jumps :smile: My last competition was 5 years ago but I do plan on competing next year!

  14. oooh lucky! It was because of Ilia I started skating. He's a true talent!