Figure flattery-- help me dress my friend!

  1. I'm trying to help my friend build a wardrobe with a few key pieces. She carries her weight at her stomach, but has great legs to show off (apple shape). Any suggestions on flattering pieces? I'm built completely opposite (small waist, weight at my hips) so I'm not used to this!
  2. How about babydoll tunics with skinny jeans or very fitted pants? Or maybe short babydoll or trapeze dresses? What a good friend you are!
  3. I'm somewhat apple shaped and for me, layering is key. I love cardigans and blazers because they can really hide my problem areas. Also suprisingly enough wrap dresses and belts really hide it too (I always thought they would showcase my belly). Will your friend wear dresses and skirts? That's a great way to showcase her legs and draw attention away from her midsection.
  4. I used to be hourglass but now I'm fighting not to turn into a tomato so I can relate!!! I second wrap dresses and tops, just not too tight fitting. Definitely show some leg!!! Skirts right above or below the knee are best. I love to pair a pencil skirt with a wrap sweater and cami underneath. Fuller A line skirts are usually flattering and can be paired with a shorter jacket. If she likes her arms, a sleeveless or cap sleeve top can look great with jeans, skirts or pants. Usually any kind of V neck top is good either on its own or a V neck sweater over a T or cami.

    The What Not to Wear book by Trinny and Suzanne (the UK What Not to Wear girls) is great for thinking about how to dress for different body types. I am definitely the Suzanne body type. I love this book!!