Fighting pets - what do you do!

  1. I don't really know what to do. My youngest cat, a 5 yr old male, has recently started picking nightly fights with my eldest cat, a 19 yr old female. Last night made me realize I need to figure out a solution to this asap, because the 5 yr old scratched the 19 yr old's nose. It isn't a bad cut, but she's 19! And my baby! And no one should be mean to her and I don't want her stressed out! I don't know really how to handle the fighting, she is pretty defenseless while he is strong. I go find them, and usually he'll run off as soon as he sees me, he knows he's wrong! And I spray him with a little water, because I heard that's a deterrent....but obviously not a good one if he is doing it more and more.

    Have you ever permanently separated pets?? Have any tricks to keep them from fighting?

    I don't know what the solution should be because there is an 8 yr old female who gets along wonderfully with the 19 yr old and the 5 yr old, so its like who deserves the companionship more? Preferably, the fighting would stop and this wouldn't be an issue. I don't get it. They were never really FRIENDS but more like tolerating each other in the same space, but they never fought, and now he enjoys picking on her :sad:
  2. If he is scratching the older one, then get the nails trimmed regularly. I'm sorry I don't have any other ideas.
  3. My cat is agressive, and when I lived at home we had to keep her separated from certain other cats. She got along with my mom's older cat, but not her kitten. Also, my grandma moved in and my cat picked on her cat. We ended up having shifts where certain cats were allowed out. It was a real pain, but it worked. I moved out a while back... now my mom's kitten is grown and picks on my grandma's cat. Once again, they have to have shifts. There is also something you can put in their water called Calm Down to make them less agressive, it seems to help some. I hope you can get things to work out.
  4. I would keep a squirt bottle on hand and squirt him when he gets out of line.
  5. I don't know if this works for cats, but we went through a stage where one of my dogs was picking fights with one of the others.

    The way that we stopped it is that I punished both girls, the one that started it and the victim by YELLING VERY LOUDLY and letting them know that mom was NOT happy and then ignoring them for at least 20 minutes.

    Because I yelled at both of them and then ignored both of them, there was no longer any motivation for them to fight because they realized that no matter how much they fought over who got to be in charge, I am still the mom.

    If your younger cat has just starting fighting with the older one, maybe it is the same thing, a battle over who gets to be the boss cat?

    My last cat died (at 25 years old) shortly before I moved in with my cat-hating SO, and I have not had a cat in a while, but I really don't ever remember them competing to be the boss the way that the dogs do.