Fight On!

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  1. USC has done it again! The Irish lost big! I wish we were there last night but that atmosphere on television was great! I am sure all the west coast fans are still sleeping but I am THRILLED! Bring on the Bruins!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    P.S. Twiggers - That Brady Quinn IS good! My husband hopes is beloved Raiders get him in the draft.
  2. I'm still so sad shoegal:crybaby: Your SC played good....that Garrett...sheesh he's amazing! We actually outplayed them in all the stats....but we are our own worst enemy...all those missed 4th down attempts...fumbles...ack!
    Brady did play soooooo well last night...wish the rest of the Irish had stepped up!
    Looks like you'll be headed to a national championship again....and we'll be replaying Michigan in the Rose Bowl!

    Oh no...I hope Brady doesn't become a Raider (living in NorCal....I was never a Raiders fan)!!! actually...I just hope he goes somewhere where he'll get to be the first-string QB!
  3. 49er fan? If he goes to the Raiders he will definitely start.
  4. Nah...not really a fan of the 49ers...but being in NorCal you kinda have to pick a team out of the two so I would root for the 49ers. I knew people who were really rowdy Raiders fans and it kinda turned me off of them. BUT that said...if he can be a starter with them then it's great!
  5. Fight on for ol' SC, our team fight on to VICTORY! Woo-Hoo!

  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. yes, the poor irish went down...almost impossible to beat USC at home.

    The have a shot at meeting Ohio ;)
  8. I was there! suck it, Irish!
  9. I was there!!


    Greatest game and greatest atmosphere ever,

    Fight ON!!!

    I'm sorry Megs and Vlad, but

    OHIO better watch out!!:yahoo:
  10. This is thrilling as a USC alum! I didn't realize there were so many other 'SC fans! (Well other than USCgerl ;) ) I can't wait to play UCLA this weekend!
  11. ^^ Haha, is it THAT obvious?? Anyone going to the game this Sat.? My hubby is going, and I may be able to get a ticket if my friend wins the ticket lottery. The only thing is going to the Rose Bowl is a pain! I went a few years ago, only to take us 3 hours to get into the game, after getting off at Orange Groove! :yucky:
  12. Not going to the game, I didn't win the lottery :crybaby:

    But I will be out tailgating.. Anyone else going to be there??

    P.S I know that it says my location is Denamrk, but I am currently on a year exchange at USC :yes:
  13. Sorry to bring you all down.. USC does not stand a chance against Ohio State this year. Our team is b far the best team in the country, no doubt, ranked number 1 by far, and will undoubtedly take down USC or whoever we play in the Fiesta Bowl.

    GO BUCKS!!!!! :yahoo:
  14. DH and I are SO sad, well actually him more than I. I was front row at the Rose Bowl in the SC alumni section, and we all were literally stunned wwhen the Bruins got the interception! That was a terrible game, and we played terribly! :crybaby:
  15. hahahahahahhahahahahahhaha. i root ucla every time. one of the biggest upsets on tv since BBM lost the best movie oscar to crash! :nuts: