Fifty shades of grey movie *See p33 for movie discussion

  1. I watched american psycho last night and I cannot picture Bale as Christian. I did not work for me at all. I know he's too old for the part anyway and most likely wouldn't be considered but I just had to say it.
  2. Since I don't think this has been linked in this thread I'm sharing the link to a fan made promo on youtube. Please note this is NOT offical but if the real one is anywhere near as good it would be exciting! This fan features Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel in the roles of Christian and Ana.

  3. This was awesome! if the movie is really like that i'd :faint:
  4. I'm addicted to that trailer! It's very a good job!
  5. Christian welcomes Ana to this office.

  6. Found this video this morning - Fifty Shades of Grey - Stripped, features Matt Bomer! Just a warning, it's sexy and also somewhat explicit -
  7. :ps:
  8. :drool: Yummy.
  9. I think Matt is #1 but Colin Egglesfield comes in second for me.. even over Ian. I don't like Ian's eyebrows for some reason. He has a harsh look. JMHO.


  10. One more? :drool:


  11. He's gorgeous! Hmmmm his looks are there for sure, maybe just grow out his hair an inch more. Yum!
  12. ^ But I thought he got a haircut in the bathroom? :graucho:
  13. That dude ain't bad either! ;)
  14. I think the screenwriter that suggested Bale is no longer in the running. Looks like they've narrowed it down to 4.

    'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Producers Considering Surprising Screenwriters (Exclusive) - The Hollywood Reporter
  15. Ah yes you're right, that was a very nice extended scene too. :graucho: