Fifth anniversary... *scratching head*

  1. Due to recent family tragedies, both my wife and I have been basically living through a fog. We're starting to come out of it but most of this happens to cross right over our fifth anniversary which is coming very shortly. We're planning a major addition to the house so I can't splash out on jewelry or the Kelly bag I know she wants but... I know she loves to shop and she LOVES NM gift certificates. So, what I thought was that in addition to the flowers/dinner/cards that are mandatory, I'd have Neimans drop a decently sized gift certificate in her Email with this attached. IMO it's always the thought that counts and my writing is one of my greatest assets... agree, disagree? Thoughts?

  2. I think that is very sweet. Happy anniversary!
  3. :crybaby:Sounds wonderful :smile:
  4. SNIFF.....WOW....PERFECT..Good man.
  5. Perfect. You're a great person. She's going to be happy you took time out to remember your anniversary through a tough period.
  6. Very nice! Congrats on your anniversary.
  7. Very sweet!! Congratulations on your anniversary!
  8. Very sweet! But why dont you write it out yourself and give her the NM gift certificates during your dinner? Just a thought! Either way, you are one romantic person!! You could teach my DH a few things..
  9. How sweet!! I almost cried. Congrats!!!:party:
  10. That's a really sweet idea!

    (Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!)
  11. Another suggestion: the traditional 5th anniversary gift is wood. (I know, I'm a dork. I looked it up.)

    You could get a pretty little inexpensive jewelry / trinket box and put the certificate and that sweet message inside.
  12. Wow, I am impressed. It sounds wonderful!
  13. aw yay! i think that will make her very happy. :smile:
  14. Very nice! Men could learn a thing or two from you. If wood is the 5 year gift that sentiment in a wooden teak box would be great too!
  15. :crybaby:Oh it's so sweet!!!! It's perfect. Congratulations on your anniversary :flowers: