Fiesta Dinnerware - Help me choose colors!

  1. GIRL Im a Fiestaware WHORE!!! I LOVE the stuff!! I have every color BUT white and black. I love the Heather, Im not a yellow fan in anything but fiestaware...its so light and food looks so good on the color...(okay Im a weirdo) LOVE the tangerine and blah blah blah...all the colors you chose I love. I have 2 sets of every will love this stuff....
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  3. I am boring but I would go with White. I love crisp clean looking plates.

    As for a legitimate color I would say Cinnabar!
  4. I love clean llines and traditional colors in alllllll things EXCEPT fiestware. The colors are what make it fiesta!! I love the discontinued pieces as well...very muted colors. If you go with basic white I would not get fiesta...get another line.
  5. periwinkle. i think the blue helps to blend and balance out the rest of the colors!
  6. i'm having a blue obsession at the moment, so i'd go with any and all of the blues.
  7. Shamrock!!!
  8. I work @ JC Penney and we have this in our catalog...cheaper than Macy's, especially if you buy more than one of something...and we have a coupon for free shipping.

    JCPenney housewares department

    Let me know...I can give you the code for the free shipping if you want. And if you don't like it, you can always return it at one of our you don't have to worry about any return policy.
  9. I have Fiesta in cobalt which is a great color. It looks better than in the Macy's photo. It's a gorgous rich cobalt shade. I am also fond of the plum. I am a sucker for all things purple.
  10. I would say Peacock. What a beautiful, fun color!
  11. Have you ordered from them!?! These are great prices! I may definately need to get some of these.
  12. Oh yeah!! Always order from them...for myself and for gifts. They are awesome.
  13. THANKS!! :party: Placing and order. LOL Now I need to figure out a color! LOL
  14. Given the other colors you've chose. I'd say periwinkle.
    for myself I love fiesta that's really bright or deep in color so I love cinnibar, scarlet and cobalt, shamrock. I love fiestaware!

    Sunshine, thanks for the link. I'm always on the hunt for cheap fiestaware