Fiery Red: My New Beauty!

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  1. I've been looking for a hot red bag for the holiday season; something that stands out and yet is classy! This bag is all that and more! :yahoo:I love it! :heart: What do you guys think? I have a Gucci cruise hobo in bronze and I am 100% certain that this bag is the real deal but if any of you ladies sees anything that is off, please point it out as I can still return the bag... :yes:
    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
    IMG_1243.JPG IMG_1251.JPG IMG_1250.JPG IMG_1245.JPG IMG_1246.JPG
  2. And a few more pictures! :love:
    IMG_1248.JPG IMG_1249.JPG IMG_1254.JPG
  3. This bag is HOT! Love it, esp in red... I don't see anything off, but I'm far from being an expert. I have this bag in the Musk color...
  4. It looks great, Congrats.
  5. Thanks! I guess the musk is the color I have in the hobo (that I call bronze)? I LOVE that color!
  6. It's real -- I have it in red too!
  7. Congrats! Love it!
  8. Gorgeous! I think Jessica Simpson had one similar to that.. but in white..

    Nevertheless.. Congrats.. a true beauty! :biggrin:
  9. Thanks ladies! It's truly a great color, especially around the holiday season...
  10. Please Post in AUTH THIS ONLY!!
Thread Status:
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