Field Trip to Chicago

  1. As a few of you know I have been looking for a new bag. I'm not beholden to any one designer and the Choo bags have just stuck in my mind since I saw Mrs. Ari carrying one. So today I drove down to Chicago for the NM Oliver Peoples Trunk Show (I bought 2 pair, 3 Hermes scarves, and another Prada belt - like I really need one of those). The JC boutique is just a short walk down Michigan Avenue to the Uber Chic Oak Street. Casey was wonderful, helpful, honest, and couldn't be nicer if she tried. I told her I probably wouldn't buy a bag today but I really needed to get my bearings and see everything so that I would know what my options were. That way they can spin around in my head until I come with the bag I need/want!

    Here are my thoughts.

    First of all, What is going on with JC bags? Are they the IT bag of the season? They seem to be sold out in many colors and styles.

    As much as I like the patent colors of the bags I'm not a patent girl. Although I think I might like a patent clutch.

    The Riki is my favorite with the Alex a close second.

    That Riki in red is TDF and I can't stop thinking about it. Perfect size. Perfect color. Wear it anytime, anywhere, a realy GOTO bag. LOVE IT!!

    The Alex bag really surprised me and everyone on this forum should go see that bag and try it on IRL. It can be morphed into many different bags and for the money you can't go wrong ($2175). From shoulder bag, to Noe, to handheld, to expanded. It was unbelievable how many looks you could get out of this bag. It has a gold "spine" that helps keep it shape. It comes in black and brown suede. Suede is not an option for me but if you want a versatile black bag then look no further - this is it baby!

    I liked the Ramona bag. It comes in Black distressed, Red glazed and Black glazed. Great color options but I wish it came in brown. I'd rather get the Riki in red or the Alex in black. It is a big bag and I just think I would prefer the Riki.

    The Mahala is a workhorse bag. If I bought one I would work that bag for a long time. Fits my casual lifestyle perfectly. Comes in Plum patent, Blue leather, also came in Brown but sold out. From reading this forum many people have commented on the width of the bag. I think the patent won't give as much as the leather but Casey let me try on her brown bag she has had forever and believe me it does give. It is beautiful leather and you can throw that baby around and I don't think it would know the difference.

    What truly amazed me about the Choo bags is that they are much lighter than I thought they would be. I had my Chanel Modern Chain E/W tote with me and it weighs about twice as much as a Choo. I think they are also lighter than MJacobs bags - which are always deceptively heavy.

    I had my heart set on getting a brown bag again this season, but alas that is not going to happen. Maybe I'm not meant for a brown bag b/c all the brown Choos didn't work for me. Either sold out or suede.

    I saw a fabulous Mave blue clutch in the catalog, but sold out again - WTF? If anyone sees one anywhere please LMK. I will give you a finder's fee!!

    So right now I am waiting to see a Blue Mahala when they come in. But as I sit here I'm lusting the Riki and have my heart set on some type of clutch: Mave, Marin, Thelma, Troy. Oh, and wait, that Alex bag keeps popping into my head as well!
  2. Oh, and Robyn, when are you going to splurge and get the 'gator bag! I think Casey and I have a bet on it!!
  3. After casually lurking in the JC forum for a short time, Bonniec posted a photo of a bag that I knew was destined to be mine. It was the Burgundy Biker Riki with watersnake trim. I HAD to have it! After enduring a week long Customs bagnapping, it was eventually mine. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bag! I quickly followed it up with a black Ramona, but for as much as I like the Ramona, it doesn't hold a candle to my Riki. The color, the distressed leather, the watersnake trim (so worth the customs hassle), the size....all perfect! There are days when I feel the Ramona is a bit too big, but the Riki is, to me at least, the perfect sized bag.

    And the Alex! If there is ever to be another Choo in my closet, it will be the Alex! But I love the blue suede version that is shown on It's such a rich color and I loooove suede, so we shall see. Thanks so much for your description of the versatility of the bag, I had wondered about that! It makes me want it even more!

    Anyway, it sounds like you had an amazing time checking out all things Choo! I hope you find a bag you love and decide you can't live without! My little Riki still makes my heart sing....:heart::heart::heart:
  4. Wow, Maxter, you came away knowing all that after one visit? I'm usually so besotted I can't think straight. I agree with you about the Riki and am on the verge of getting my first I think. And you are right, the Alex is amazing, but I just got a suede Kasia in taupe, so that is my suede bag for the season. So you picked up a few scarves? I'm dying for a new Hermes...something in Navy and gold/bronze I think. Post pics of you new scarves...I saw most of your bags were adorned, that's my look this fall as well.
  5. Can't wait to see your Riki! Do you know the Alex comes in black leather? Not just suede.

    Thanks for the compliment on the adorned bags - I think it is fun and I really like to do that. I'm in love with Twilly's and picked up a couple more of those as well. I'll post all my stuff when I receive it. I have a list of a TON of stuff I want for double points day/week. An Hermes Cashmere Shawl - TDF! A Loro Piana plain black scarf/shawl cashmere blend that I can keep in my bag b/c I'm always cold. A D&G leopard belt. Something 'gator is calling my name too! And I can't even remember the rest. My head is spinning!

    Yeah, the JC boutique is worth traveling 90 miles. So much going on you HAVE to see the bags and try them on if at all possible.
    Especially the incredible morphing Alex.

  6. That is one of the most helpful reviews ever, Karen! When I was thinking of trying a Jimmy Choo, I read that the Ramona was the perfect tote sized bag, and the Riki was the perfect handbag. That helped me a lot, and so does what you wrote. Thanks!
  7. I would have to sell off every Choo bag I owned, my firstborn and all my kitties and then I might be able to afford a down payment on the bag.:choochoo::choochoo:

    I am so glad you were able to meet with Casey and check out the Choo line:yahoo: I hope you had fun and will be able to settle decide to purchase one of the many Amazing bags:drool:

    Better yet, why don't YOU buy the Gator bag and I can live vicariously through YOU:party:
  8. I have Riki in black calf. It is a bag for all occasions-smart, casual, whatever. For me the dimensions of the Ramona sounded too big.
  9. I had so much fun with Casey! Thanks for the referral!!

    I would get one of those but there is another 'gator bag that is calling my name ..... Not JC but stay tuned.

    Cosmo is the naughty, naughty girl for posting it!
  10. Tami, so glad I could help!

    When I went to the store I really want to get a "feel" for the bags. I know there are many people on this forum who don't live near a JC boutique so I wanted to give them most honest opinion I could.

    I might add: either you like patent or you don't. I don't think there is an in between. Personally, I don't care for patent but I thought it might work because the JC bags have a lot going on and I didn't think it would be "too patent-y". But I just couldn't get the feel of the patent for me.

    The shiny, glazed leather does not look patent-y and is beautiful even if you aren't a patent girl. That is a great option. Just wish it came in more colors.

    Also, you have to like GOLD if you get the Alex bag. It is gold-gold and a bit blingy. The bling fits the bag in everyway so it doesn't look too over-the-top. But keep in mind it is GOLD! It looks great and I don't even know if I would like it if it were silver.

    Sometimes I really like a bag but when I try to fit it into my lifestyle it just doesn't work for me. So when I look at bags for me it has to be functional!!

    Glad you liked my "review"!
  11. Maxter, it sounds like you have your heart set on a yummy chocolate brown bag, and I wouldn't give up if I were you. For god's sake, its only the THIRD WEEK IN AUGUST, and I have a hard time believing that the new fall/winter 07 cognac/brown suede/etc. bags are already "sold out." :rolleyes: Maybe they were just unavailable at JC Chicago. I would definitely try other JC boutiques,, NM, Saks, net-a-porter.

    Last July, I rushed out to buy the HOT bag of fall/winter 06, the bordeaux patent Ramona, and it supposedly was "sold out" by August too. (I think JC purposely limits availability of popular bags to hype demand.) Anyway, my JC SA told me that another shipment of the bordeaux patent Ramonas came in last October. And if you really hunted around last fall, you could find one.
  12. STINKERBELLE!!! ok, i swore i would be done after the plum patent mahala...but i am SO intrigued by the thought of a burgandy biker riki!!! can you post a pic? i love shades of burgandy and think they are so wonderful for just about any outfit and almost any time of the year. you are making me drool just thinking about how beautiful the bag must be...:drool: especially since i've been contemplating the riki. do you know if i can still find any of them?? and if so...where??? and why did you have to go through customs to get it??

    MAXTER!! i am thoroughly jealous that you got to go to the JC store and try on all those bags! casey sounds just so amazing it makes me want to call her too! just b/c of how great she is with tPFers! :tup: sounds like you had a FABULOUS time and learned a TON! the sweet gal who helped me get my mahala from the ATL store was very sweet, but she's only been with JC for 2 months and seemed to have a hard time with a lot of my questions...she just needs some more time to learn her stuff. but she did try her best! but casey sounds like she's not only knowledgable, but also great at getting what you want! hmmmm...would that be traitorous to switch to another rep at another store?? :sad: now, thanks to YOU, i'm looking into the alex as well. :p i don't like suede handbags so much, but i noticed you mentioned it came in a black leather. for thought! :girlsigh:

    i totally laughed when you mentioned you had the same issues with your DH and the new handbags!! i've tried that line about getting it last year, "don't you remember??" so much, that he probably thinks he's going senile! :roflmfao: but i fear he's catching we must jointly come up with some new cover lines! :lol:
  13. Anyone who might be interested in the Cognac Melena, there is a large and a Medium available at the Nordstroms Mall of America.

    Deb is holding them for me today, so go get one! (952-883-2121)

    I think there are some still around. Try giving Casey (312-225-1170) a call, she can try to locate one for you and if you don't have a boutique in your state, it can be shipped tax free! The reason Stinkerbelle's Riki got held up in customs is because it came from JC London when they had their 50% on-line sale. Her little Riki kept my little Rock company for part of it's journey, but she was able to break free and go home to her Mommy's couple of weeks sooner:yahoo:
  14. thanks robynbenz for the tips!! i think i just might give casey a call! :yes: i mean, after all, if she finds one, maybe it was meant to be! :sneaky: although, that does make me pretty sad to think i could've gotten one on SALE like stinkerbelle did! sigh...lucky gal!!
  15. Hi Robyn! Thanks for posting the suggestion for Darlie to call Casey....I wouldn't have a clue where to find that bag today. And I do believe that if anyone can find one, it would be Casey from all I've read about her! Definitely give her a call and see if she can find one for you is without a doubt the most beautiful bag! Bonniec has the same bag as a Ramona....also tdf! :heart::heart:

    Customs....I think if Robyn and I are able to go the rest of our entire lives without ever having to deal with, or even hearing the mention of the word, we will not soon get over our ordeals! Hers MUCH worse than mine! :cursing:

    Here's a pic of my Riki, Bonniec's Ramona is in a thread not too far back as well. Excuse the not so great photos come out great when I take them, it's just that I stink at making them fit a post.