Fidji Fever!

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  1. I want a white Fidji so badly! Doesn't need to be monogrammed or anything, I just love the look and don't have a great white bag.

    I'm going to be in London and Paris next month and I have no idea how much the white Fidjis cost in both of those cities.

    I'm always in New York, but I'm gathering from you ladies it's always cheaper to buy in Paris? I'm a little worried about availability. Should I call ahead of time? Is that a bit much? I've bought a black wallet from the Paris store with no problems, I'm just wondering if you think it'll be harder to get a bag in a specific color. I'm so excited!
  2. I don't know about cost, but you could certainly email the Paris store and ask about availability. They've been very responsive when I've been looking for a navy Fidji (sadly unavailable.) They would tell you the cost & you could claim the tax back when you go back through the airport. Good luck!
  3. Have you checked:

    You would save roughly about 15-20% of the US price, and on top of that, a further 15% off of that price via the VAT refund scheme as cph706 mentioned. So you can expect a price roughly 30% cheaper than that in the US.

    I'm not sure about this, but I'd read somewhere that you can call them up and have them hold a bag that they have in stock for up to seven days, but please check that out!
  4. IMO you must be very lucky to get a specific bag in a specific color if you only stay there for a short time. I would say if you want it desperately you could prepay, then they should be able to hold it until you're there.
  5. I'll call on Monday - I doubt they're open tomorrow and I've already missed the boat for today!

    I checked the prices on the list but I'm sure it's a little different for the white because it's not the basic black or red color.
  6. I would definitely contact the Paris store about the white before you go. I had my mother bring back a white st. louis gm for me while she was there and there was a wait list but I got lucky and they happened to be calling people while she was there and someone passed so I did get it. As for the price BG charges the same for all colors but I don't know about the Paris store.
  7. ^ I agree, definitely call beforehand! I don't think it will be much harder to get the Fidji in white, unless if neither store has it in stock. You can always order it from them on the phone if they say that it will get there by the time you are in Paris/London.

    Best of luck!
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    I just called Goyard in Paris and they said it's possible to reserve but I'd have to do it via e-mail (they wouldn't do it on the phone).

    Ok Prices for a Fidji in a "color":

    UK: 770 GBP
    France: 820 EUR
    USA: 1250
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    I'm going with Paris and I'll let you guys know how the e-mail correspondence works
  10. thanks for the price info! usually e-mail works well, for inquiries at least. and I guess they want e-mail to have written proof that you wanted a certain bag if anything goes wrong
  11. Ok! So I'm in Paris right now for vday and just bought my first Goyard yesterday! :smile: I bought the Fidji and they had very few colors available: yellow, green, blue, red, orange, and I bought the only black one (with tan strap). They had no other colors.. let me know if you have any questions. I'm staying @ the Crillon so the boutique is very close by and I will be going there one more time before I leave on Monday! =)
  12. I haven't gotten around to reserving it yet with the online pay/resubmit system, but I will!!

    Lucky, lucky you - the Crillon! Please tell us about your whole trip/shopping experiences when you get back!
  13. cou you ask how much the Ambassade in black and in white is? and with strap? (all prices including tax, I live in EU anyway) thanks a lot and have a nice stay, especially in such a great hotel ;)
  14. I'm so jealous of you!!! It is my dream to go to Paris, but I have a flying phobia. Grats on the Fidji, you are going to love that bag like no other!

    Could you please ask/see what colors they have for the Bourse (that cute drawstring change purse/pouch thing)? I tried emailing them regarding it a few times but never got a response.

    Thank you!
  15. so happy you found your bag...and in paris no less!!!!
    just for fun i was wondering what colors they have in the st louis pm bag.
    enjoy the rest of your time!!!:biggrin: