Fidel Castro Dead????

  1. Hi all i dont know if you guys have heard anything . Im not cuban but i live in MIAMI the biggest Cuban Community and here is what all the buzz is that he might me dead. ???? THey wont say officially till the Rush hour traffic is calmed down becuase there will be huge parties here if he is indeed dead. Oh well another reason for everyone in miami tooo party!!!
  2. ^^^^^

    Wow...i'm curious to know if it's true?
  3. OMG I found something on google saying he died in 1981 and was replaced by a look alike?? Crack is wack.
  4. If he is then
  5. If he is it should hit the news pretty soon. Can't wait to hear more on this.
  6. If Perez says it true, then it must be. LOL I would think CNN would report it if it was true.
  7. Better check star magazine to see if this is true.
  8. :shrugs:
  9. LOL since when was Fidel a Celebrity???

    I think this belongs in general discussion.
  10. ^^^ i know i just thought he would fit here! i dont think his a celebrity but i figured.. My bad... ANd none knows if he is , people here have been killing him since the 80's but today for some reason everyone did believe he was dead. I think they are keeping in DL bc if its true there is going to be chaos like shootings and stuff it can get pretty dangerous so i think they want to get all the police and fire rescues all on point when something like this gets out Fidel being dead. But no news yet.
  11. There have been rumors before that he's died. It will be interesting to see if it's true this time? If it is, those Cuban folks in Miami are going to be partying like it's 1999!
  12. hmmm I'm now curious about this too...
  13. We Can only hope!
  14. Hmmmm. Probably not true, but who knows?

    I heard it all started on some satirical blogsite, so I'd lean towards false.
  15. why does "weekend at bernies" keep popping into my head?