Ficelle Croc - is it true?

  1. This year, the rage was for Beige Rose. Is it true that next year's top pick is Ficelle? If it's not appropriate to share the information, please kindly PM me. Thanks a bundle. :flowers:
  2. well ficelle i not a new color and it was popular ever since its introduction 1997 or 1996 but well a new rage mhmm i have pushed / hyped it here to some members via pm but in general i say not much more then any other rare croc color even though H has just released a batch of ficelle croc with J and K stamps . but one thing is true they only recently started to use ficelle also for lizard (although in lizard it is greyish )
  3. Thank you, lilach.

    Yes, we have a press ficelle lizard KP at our store, and it has received so many enquiries about it. It's beautiful.
  4. I hate how they display it but it's not for SALE.
  5. LOL YAH~!
  6. i'm still waiting for my ficelle 25 birkin lizard order (just like gina b's). it would be nice if a croc kelly/birkin just shows up at my store and if i'm in luck they offer it to me! bwaah!
  7. SA said we wouldn't want it anyway, as it has been on tour so much that there are tons of scratches.
  8. Can't wait to see yours. Gina b's is gorgeous.

    p.s. your DS is adorable.
  9. I don't know about the ficelle lizard, we've only just got lizard here (there was a ficelle Birkin down south of here), but I can tell you the rage for Beige-rose started many years ago. It has been around for at least 6 years (well, that's the first time I saw it in the flesh, anyway!).