Fibrocystic Breast Disease

  1. Do any of you suffer with this? I do and have found yet another lump!
    dearn it all, I know that is most likely benign, but it's still scary to go thru. I lost my mom, dad, grandmother to cancer. cheer me up please.:cry:
  2. Im sorry to hear you have found a lump...I am praying for you that it is benign...I hope you feel better soon.
  3. My mother and one of my best friends both have it. It is always scary when they find another lump because there is always a chance it could be malignant. So far, everything has been benign and they are both in very good health.

    I'm very sorry you found another lump. Just continue to get regular check-ups and I am sure you will be fine. :yes: Maybe you need to go do a little shopping for a pick me up!
  4. i found a lump not too long ago. i went to get it checked out and it turned out to benign as well. but does urs have a slight pain when you push on it? i hope this is normal. i was told that a lot of girls my age experience benign (25), so i hope it's not getting worse or something is happening to it! do you have a lump in each one or 2 lumps in one breast? i wish there was no such thing as these lumps, they are awfully scary and i couldn't sleep before the exam! i hope that you are ok ilovechloe! :heart:
  5. I have it as well. I've only had one tumor removed- it was benign thankfully. My grandmother had breast cancer so it makes me nervous as well.

    Take care & I'll say a lil prayer for ya!
  6. Hi Leisuregirl

    There is some pain when I push on it. Did you Doctor advise you to stay away from caffine? Were you diagnosed with FBD? The term disease is misleading its more of a condition. 80% of lumps found are benign. Just keep up with the self breast exams avoid coffee and tea.
    And take good care of your self.
  7. Thank you all so much it helps to know I'm not alone.
    Sometimes its tough being a girl.
  8. My mother and I have it and I have had two benign lumps removed. However, you can never let your guard down and think that every lump is benign: my mother recently battled breast cancer. Since it was detected very early, the doctors think they got it all. However, it makes me even more vigilant now.
  9. Sorry to hear about this.. I suffer from and understand the anxiety and worry that you are experiencing now. The first lump I ever found was by a quacky Dr and I thought she was wrong... when I went to my regular Dr he told me it was probably a cyst. After an ultrasound, they told me it was a tumor and I needed a biopsy. I got it biopsied and since then have developed about 4 more lumps. Recently, I was diagnosed with FBD. It is not pleasant but it is good to know what you have and always be on top of it. I went off birth control with actually helped me with the disease. Having synthetic hormones through the pill can be harmful rather than helpful.

    Make sure you see your Dr soon and keep your head up! We are here for you, and many us us understand what you are going through :love:
  10. Thanks Megs.
  11. whew, maybe it's normal that there is a little pain. but i was told that it was benign condition and it wasn't cancerous or harmful. i just have to go back for a checkup in about 6months to make sure there are no changes. it will always be worrisome :cry: thanks & take care of yourself too!
  12. so sorry to hear about this... just make sure u go to ur doctor n have it checked up..... be consistent with ur appointments n try to see if there's anything they can do.. in the mean time, i don't really know if there r things u can do on ur own to prevent more lumps from happening? definitely ask the doctor about it.. good luck n will be praying for you.
  13. I have this as well...I just had a bump removed about 6 months ago & there is a good chance I'll eventually get more. My mom asked if they were caused by caffine & the doctor that performed the surgery said no. My aunt has this too, but she doesn't get them removed so she has lumpy breasts (as she calls it).
  14. Hi Ilovechloe,

    I know what you are going thru at the moment. Yes, it is scary but it is nothing to worry about especially if it is benign.

    Myself, also being diagosed, had this for the last 4years. It is unknown what causes these lumps. Some doctors say it can be due to hormones...usually occurs in girls between 20-30yrs. Some go away and some don't.

    You did the right thing by get checked regularly and also seeing a physician. Majority of the fibroadenomas are benign. If they do hurt you should get your physician to check it out and get an ultrasound to make sure if doesn't change in size. They also sometime can do needle biopsy to diagnose if they are ok.

    I did get 3 removed which had changed in size. I do have more but are stable. I believe in my physician is doing a good job in keeping me informed and also coming in 6 monthly/annually each year to see him gives me peace of mind.

    If you want to talk about it more personally give me a buzz.

    :flowers: takecare
  15. I have had it for 25-plus years -- and I'm only 45. Two lumps removed. Doctor said if the lump doesn't move when you feel it, then you should be concerned. I just check to see if mine moves. They always have. I've had one for about seven years but get frequent mammograms. Hang in there. Hugs.:love: