Fiberwig Mascara - Miracle??

  1. I have incredibly short and straight lashes. I went to Sephora and finally tried out Fiberwig - for those that don't know, its new technology imported from Japan, where the fibers in the mascara attach to your lashes. I think I may have found my savior! :yahoo:

    Has anyone else tried it?? Opinions??
  2. i have fiberwig. it lengthens nicely and comes off fairly easily. i bought it from for only $12. beats the price at sephora ;)

    also, speaking of fibers, and i don't mean to run this thread off track but, fibers are our friends when it comes to mascara. i use an odd product from tweezerman called fast lash lengthening fibers.
    you use them after a coat of mascara to attach more fibers to the ends of your lashes to make them longer. then go over those fibers with another coat of mascara. you do need to comb your lashes out with a lash comb afterwards but it really works well for me :smile: pair this with the fiberwig and i'm sure you will have great results. hope that helps...
  3. Fiberwig is awesome! I've tried it too. My lashes are a bit short, and they stick straight down and don't curl well. I've also tried another mascara with fibers by a brand called Fasio.
  4. Most higher-end mascaras these days are loaded with microfibers, but Imju Fiberwig is easily the best one I've found so far. It lengthens, thickens, and darkens, and comes off easily. You can also layer it to suit your desired look and it won't get scary clumpy like many other mascaras I've tried. Plus, it stays on your lashes until your wash it out, so you won't find flecks of it on your face like most mascaras. It is my savior, too!
  5. Tried it, love it - sadly not available in the UK yet, but Japanese sellers on eBay come to my rescue. A great product.
  6. I really have to try it. I hope I can get a hold of it..
  7. I saw an ad for Fibertwig at and was wondering about it. Now I know...I'll order it!
  8. I tried it, didn't seem to do much for me :sad: I was sad! Now what is working is Dior Show!
  9. just fyi, fiberwig lengthens well. however, it does not volumize much...if you want both, stick with diorshow or hypnose.
  10. I LOVE Fiberwig mascara. My japanese best friend introduced me 4 yrs ago. She lent me hers, I fell instantly. So, from then on I always ask my mom to buy me whenever she goes to Japan all the time. U can get it from, CHEAPER !!!! compared to sephora+tax.

    U have to get used to it. It doesn't show up much for the 1st few application. give it about a week or more, it will give U volume n lenghten. U can apply it many times til U achieve the volume look. It's waterproof, but easy to remove, unlike the ordinary hard waterproof mascara.
  11. I bought Fiberwig and Dior show...have to say I liked the Dior better
  12. I want to try this.
  13. You'll need to use it with a volumizing mascara if you want more volume. This one definitely just lengthens.
  14. Does DiorShow lengthen lashes to the extent that Fiberwig does?
  15. I love DiorShow and have tried 2 other fibre mascaras, but not Fibrewig. I need volume as well as length so I still prefer DiorShow, although I am curious about Fibrewig. My main concern is eye irritation, because I wear contacts and I've been very prone to conjunctivitis lately. Does Fibrewig irritate anyone's eyes? I liked Shu's Lash X-Tension because it had water-soluble fibres but it just didn't thicken like DiorShow does.