Fiberwig masacara...anyone tried it?!?

  1. First of come the search option has been temporarily disabled?!?! I got dizzy going back all those pages to see if anyone's posted something about the fiberwig masacara.
    Ok, so has anyone tried this mascara yet? Does it really do what it claims to do? I'm using lash injection right now...and i just want to see how it compares.
  2. i tried it, but didn't work out for me. now i'm using shu eumura.
  3. I wouldn't recommend it. Wasn't anything special.
  4. I've been using it for a year now and love it! It really gives the appearance of longer and fuller lashes. Also, I like the fact that it just washes off with water.
  5. You know what works really well is Tweezerman brand fiber lash enhancing wand called "FALSE LASHES" you apply your regular mascara, then apply the fibers on top the first application of mascara, top it off with one more coat of mascara, it really looks like you have fakies! I use it for special occasions or when I'm going out at night and I get comments every time!
  6. i've tried it. it makes my lashes really long but does nothing for volume.
  7. Sorry, correction it's called FAST LASH not FALSE LASH
  8. I love it! It always seems to be sold out at the Sephora I shop, so it must be pretty popular.
  9. i hated it... i thought it did nothing for my lashes (im asian too), and have stuck to dior... it is the best imo
  10. i've been using it for a few weeks now. it doesn't do much for volume, and it takes a bit of work get the promised length. however, i still really like it because it doesn't smudge at all (and i have really oily skin) and it's easy to take off.
  11. I like it. I have somewhat thick lashes and just wanted some help with length. Depending on how patient you are and how many coats you can get them pretty long. I use it for evening events. It doesn't irritate my eyes or run easily either.
  12. I use it for a really big night out, when I don't want it to smear and stay on forever.

    It does A LOT for length, but I have to use other mascaras or a comb for volume. That's where it lacks.

    I don't use it every day though, because the length is dramatic.
  13. I thought it worked very well! Made my eyes look bigger. The only thing was that it dried out quickly. I had it for only two months before it dried out.
  14. It's a nice mascara..really helps lengthen. But um..for me it just made my lashes look like faux lashes a hooker would wear. So if you have long lashes already, don't use this!!! I need volume more than length so this wasn't the right mascara for me.