Fiber Supplements (pills, powders)

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  1. Does anyone take these?

    Gross, but I have never been one who is regular. I just bought some Benefiber powder, hope that'll help.

    I thought going the pill route but you have to swallow 5 huge horsepills!
  2. I take a spoonful of psyllium husks with water once in the morning with breakfast, and once in the evening when I get home. It's really cheap from the bulk bin at the natural food store.

    My friend from college who was actually younger than me died of colon cancer, so since then, I have been trying to up my fiber intake. Psyllium also has lots of soluble fiber which helps with heart health, too.
  3. Sorry about your friend, chinchillamoose. :sad:
  4. From GNC - Colon Guard. 4 capsules once a day + plenty of water.
    All natural. Better than anything else and I've tried them all. And very portable. Tried 'n' tested for years. :yes: A very good thing.
  5. Thanks for the rec, Kiskat!
  6. I too have been told by my doc to take care of my colon.
    are the capsules for colon guard big? Im not much of a pill swallower!!!
    I checked out the label online and it looks huge!!
  7. I've tried almost everything on the market. The pills are very difficult to swallow, and I usually do not have a problem with taking pills. Most of the powders are either gritty or have an awful taste. I finally was told about Benefiber. It is by far the best there is on the market. It does not have any taste at all, and it completely dissolves. I put it in my coffee or in my oatmeal in the morning. Here's a tip .... if you put it in coffee make sure you stir it good before adding milk otherwise it doesn't completely dissolve.

  8. I don't think they're that big. I guess i'm a champion pill swallower though, I can do 4 in one shot with no problem. 9 if I'm taking my vitamins and supplements at the same time. :shocked:

    BUT some uncoated pills-the big horse pill kinds - I can barely get one down. :sick:
  9. wow 4 in one round!!?
    Ive looked at benefiber in powder form as well... but wanted something a little more convienent.. doesnt look so great carrying that thing on vacation! hehe.. but I guess I'll give that a go!

    is psyllium husks seeds from the food store just some grains???
  10. I take metamucil every morning. I don't think I get enough fiber, so I believe it's a good thing. My husband's doc in college told him that everyone should take it every day. Try mixing it with Tang in the beginning.
  11. I actually think that the cereal "all bran" can be rather tasty -- especially mixed w/ yogurt or bananas. It has a lot of fiber, probably about as much as many pills. I used to eat that for breakfast a lot for fiber. Indeed this thread reminds me to get back to that since getting enough fiber really is supposed to be one of the best things you can do for your health:smile: