Fiber rich foods

  1. Any suggestions for getting your daily intake of fiber with the least amount of volume. I want to up my fiber but I cannot eat the amount of fruit/veggies it would take. Any ideas?
  2. Benefiber!! :smile: Just dissolve it in a bottle of water and drink. Voila!
  3. There are alot of GREAT ways to get fiber. I chose light wheat bread (3grams 80 calories, 2 slices), Lean Pockets makes a GREAT multigrain pocket that has 7 grams of fiber and only 230 calories (Pepperoni and sausage pizza).

    South Beach Wraps are loaded with Fiber and really tasty.

    I try to get 30-40 grams of fiber a day and its nothing when you eat veggies, and fruit and then add these foods in as your meals. Also I start every mornign with a HIGH fiber cereal (Flax Seed and ORganic available at Whole Foods)
  4. I like the All Bran bars - you can eat them as a snack or for breakfast. I believe they have about 20% of your daily fiber needs in each bar. They are relatively low in fat and calories too.

    The other think I like to do is stir high fiber cereal into yogurt. My personal favorite is Grape Nuts Trail Mix. I just stir 1/2 to a whole serving into a serving of fat free yogurt.

    Just thought of another - try eating more beans. Most beans (especially black beans) are very high in fiber
  5. I think I am currently consuming half the recommended daily allowance. Good idea. Thanks everyone!
  6. I have done like 24 grams so far today. Bowl of cereal 7 grams, hot pocket for lunch 8 grams, and a Atkins Cinnamon bun bar 9 grams. Total calories: 500.

    For dinner I will have a southbeach wrap dinner and a salad about 12 grams of fiber with a total of 36 for the day today. But I probably will have another bowl of cereal tonight late so that will top me off at 42 grams for the day and about 1200 calories.
  7. You know I also read awhile back that each gram of fiber negates about 7 calories. I think the reason is because it runs food more quickly thru your system and also takes more energy to digest. I will try and dig up that article..but think, if you eat 40 grams of fiber a day you will be saving 280 calories a day!!!
  8. Psyllium, 1 tbsp: 10.2 g
    Avocado, 1 medium: 8.5 g
    Raisin Bran, 1 cup: 8.0 g
    Lentils, 1/2 cup: 7.8 g
    Kidney beans, 1/2 cup: 7.3 g
    Raisins, 2/3 cup: 6.8 g
    Baked potato with skin: 4.8 g
    Peas, 1/2 cup frozen: 4.4 g
    Pear, 1 medium: 4.0 g
    Oatmeal, 1 cup cooked: 4.0 g
    Apple, 1 medium: 3.7 g
    Banana, 1 medium: 2 g
    Brown rice, 1 cup: 3.5 g
    Brussels sprouts, 1/2 cup: 3.4 g
    Whole-wheat bread, 1 slice: 1.9 g
    Celery, 1/2 cup: 1.2 g
  9. you can get fiber-fortified breads and tortillas. nature's own makes double-fiber whole wheat bread that is actually really tasty (not too 'wheat-y' at all) and it has, i think, 5 grams of fiber per slice. south beach also makes take-along box lunches that usually include fiber tortillas, lunch meat, cheese, and some kind of sauce or dressing that have at least 14g of fiber per lunch.

    also, if you usually eat cereal or oatmeal in the morning, a salad or some kind of pasta for lunch, anything that's solid and mixed up like that, sprinkle some flax seeds in. a teaspoon has several grams of fiber, and i never notice them. they don't taste like much, maybe a tad nutty.

    fiber is really great if you're trying to lose weight because it keeps you fuller for longer since it takes your body longer to digest it. it's more satisfying, and most foods that are naturally high in fiber are also naturally high in other nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  10. I second the Lean Pocket Ultra Multigrain pockets, they are low cal and high fiber.

    I also really love Kashi cereals, Go Lean in particular is loaded with fiber, something like 12 grams a serving. I have some of that with yogurt (stonyfeild is fiber enriched) every morning.

    I read somewhere to try to make sure any processed foods you eat have 2 grams of fiber per a 90 cal serving and you should be okay in getting enough fiber in your diet.
  11. Alright, that's it! More fiber for me!! I'm totally washing down my pizza tonight with my benefiber laced water! bwahaha
  12. This is great info. I went grocery shopping and got some of the Amy's organic and they have a nice amount of fiber. I have to try the Benefiber, Atkins Cinnamon bun, South beach, and Grape nuts. I had a huge salad for lunch so I felt good about that. Did not know the fiber/calorie relationship. That will get me on fiber for sure!
  13. I am pretty sure there are NO calories in fiber. I also think if you have processed foods, your supposed to have 1 gram of fiber for each 90 calories of processed food.
  14. does anyone know how good edamame are in fiber content...I believe they are high in protein..but I'm unsure about the fiber??
  15. We use Benefiber too. I sprinkle it into almost everything. Spaghetti sauce, yogurt. I make chocolate Lava cakes (okay... not so healthy, but lots of antioxidants), but I put it in there too. It mixes right in, doesn't thicken and you can't taste it.