Fiance's present order cancelled, need new gift ideas asap!!

  1. OMG, I'm so bummed out. Saks cancelled both items I ordered for my fiance for his birthday. They are both out of stock! I ordered them last Thurs. and found out today!

    Anyways, I have no idea what to get him now? My SA at Saks is trying to get me to come in and look at some Armani shirts, but I feel sort of blah about it (I was getting my fiance a black velvet Armani jacket....soooo much cooler then a shirt!!)

    So far I'm thinking maybe a gift certificate to the man spa in DC (yes all for men!)

    But what else?

    I had a crazy idea to buy him a bunch of mini-bottles of liquor as a work "bar" for Valentine's, but maybe that's a little wierd?

    I need some quirky cool ideas!!!
  2. dont laugh....But there is a company called delightful deliveries.I got PHH a beer of the month club which HE LOVEd!..he always liked to try new beers whenever he this was perfect!THEY have all kinds of clubs u can order from if u go to their website
  3. ^^^ooooo, good idea. if your DF likes other types of drinks, there are Scotch of the Month clubs and Wine of the Month clubs, etc. Google 'em, you'll find a bunch.

    You could get him an "of the Month" club and then give him a nice bar set (glasses for that drink type, shaker, bar tools, etc)