1. Hi !

    Next week is my fiancee's 30th bithday and I have no idea what present to get him and I started panicking so.......any suggestions welcomed!:heart: :heart:
  2. What are his hobbies?
  3. Is he into electronic gadgets? Jewelry (bracelet, chain, etc.)? Does he wear suits (nice tie or cuff links, etc.)? Does he like spas? Or sports?
  4. Sports event tickets? Concert tickets? Sports memorabilia?
    DVD box set- Entourage; Scarface, etc..there's a dvd out by espn called Ali Raps about the words of Muhammed Ali and how he may have contributed to modern rap- guys love Muhammed Ali...
    Video Ipod; Designer sunglasses; Nice watch; A night in some swanky hotel suite; a trip to Graceland; Personalized poker chip set?
  5. what about a weekend trip? you could also get him luxury shaving accessories from The English Shaving Company. I got my BF for valentines day the badger brush, rose shaving cream, and brush stand.
  6. Does he golf? Golf vacation?

    How about a spa day? Sounds corny but my manly man DH took the plunge and actually got addicted to being pampered.
  7. I got suck lovely ideas! Unfortunately he does not like sports! He wears sutis every day but has a lot of ties etc! The worse is that his passport has expired so until we get his new one we cannot travel! so I am panciking officially now!
  8. What are his hobbies? When is his birthday exactly?
  9. How about that playboy mansion party thing someone else got on her for her boyfriend! She also go to go!
  10. I live in Europe:wlae: !

    His birthday is on the 6th of February! be honest his only hobby is going restaurants, clubs e.t.c!
  11. My fiance's 30th just past. I took him on a weekend to Vegas and partied with him to show him that he's not old yet! ;) Is there a getaway place you can go to over there?
  12. Does he like Louis Vuitton? Perhaps a wallet, Passport holder...?

    Or an iPod?
  13. How patehtic of me but I still haven't got him a present! A short break is an amazing suggestion but we are not allowed time off work and as far as LV, I already got him in the past a wallet, cc wallet, agenda, tie etc so it will not be special enough for the occasion!
  14. Oops, six days later and still no present?
    Maybe you can take him out for dinner and let him choose the place?
    Then take him to a posh hotel where you can stay the night and get back to work in the morning?