Fianally new Hermes is here..

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  1. Hi everyone...

    finally some new Hermes

    Large Garnden Party in brown and toile

    35cm natural Veau Crisp Birkin

    30cm blue jean togo Birkin

    32cm dark brown box calf Kelly

    green clemence tourillon Christy bag

    32cm black box calf / toile Kelly

    Couverture Simple GM Zip Agenda in fuchsia chevre

    blue jean veau mirroire bearn wallet

  2. whats the colourname of the wallet that bright bright raspberry pink above the voiolet one.
  3. It is called fuchsia
  4. :shocked: oh my gosh then it must be my monitor as i know fuschia ( ilove it) but that wallet looks like neon pink here :lol:
  5. I love the Kelly
  6. guess the camera and the computre screen have trouble with it...but chevre helps making colors much more intense then in other leathers...
  7. which one...the box is so fantastic on the brown one is so fantastic...nothing like the new box...
  8. THERE'S MY COMBO KELLY!!!!:love: Beautiful pieces, Mario and Pete!
  9. Hi, I was on your website yesterday and did not see these bags. Thanks for the update ! That 35 natural Birkin is calling to me !
  10. Yummy!

    Are they going to be on your shop and website Mario and Pete?
  11. BOO HOO:cry: I am at work trying to access the site and it won't let me!!!!!! :mad:

    I am dying to see the two-tone kelly....can anybody post a pic on here? pretty please......????? :rolleyes:
  12. Love the BJ wallets. :biggrin: And everything else too!!!!
  13. Heather....there's your Garden Party bag if you are looking for the combo! It's really a nice one!
  14. Oh, I know it is gorgeous!!!!! UGH need to get my first paycheck! Or actually, my second as I already spent the first. :lol: :shame:
  15. isnt Hermes so much fun :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.