Few small goodies for the windy Wednesday..

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  1. It was a sunny but windy Wednesday today. Our local department store had a huge sale and I decided to go.. A bit unreluctantly, as I was expecting a postman for a visit. So I was a bit restless there, roaming around and in that crowd trying to find something nice that would justify my trip and leaving home unguarded. Well, I manage to find a pretty nice sandy beige wool jacket, couple of grey trousers and a lovely dress. Then I headed back home..
  2. AND.......????!!!!!
    Did the mail carrier bring you an orange box?!
  3. He couldn't have picked up more perfect timing for his visit. I had just spent lovely moments to look through my haul from the sale, drank a cup of coffee and now, there he was, at the front door, and with the package.
    I will do this quickly. But first, this is not, I repeat NOT a Kelly nor Birkin reveal (*sniff* that I wish to do next summer when hopefully my PO B/K arrives..), but just some very pretty tiny things I wish will brighten up the dark, rainy autumn days. And I have found all of them from tPF, got inspired by your wonderful pictures and picked up these few for myself to enjoy. So thank you dear tPFers for the inspiration!! :flowers:
  4. Cluthcbag, how an earth did you guess?? :amuse: Well, I have to correct that there was one bigger greyish box with many small baby boxes inside..
  5. :popcorn:can't wait!
  6. (Sorry, this is taking more time than I thought to uppload the pics..)

    Ok, so here´s the big grey box and babies that were found inside..
    And the new H catalogue, again, I have now two of them, so if there is anyone who wants one, just pm me!
    Oh, I see orange! :yahoo:
    Here it is, a lovely family of small orange boxes isn't it!!
  7. .

    I like what I'm seeing !!!

  9. My sweet SA from France was so kind to send a little booklet of scarfs from the new collection and also a box of cards where are shown tips how to tie scarfs in different ways. Very helpful!!
    I liked this one!

    Ok, then to the actual reveal. First orange baby box..
    The etoupe Kelly double tour bracelet!
  10. oh right on time! Love your new double tour, lets see the rest!
  11. This is my first round orange box, and I couldn't figure out what could be inside..


    I remembered I had ordered a red scarf but that didn't look like a scarf at all.


    But it was! LOOOOVE the colors and the pattern!



    I also noticed immediately I need some practice with that scarf.. How can you tie it nicely, so that it doesn't look like a snake around your neck?? I haven't opened the cards yet so I hope I will find the answears there..
  12. This baby was suprisingly heavy for a small creature like that..

    :yahoo: This one is so precious to me! The silver Farandole 120cm necklace! I LOOOOOOOOVE it!!
    I tried it on with my cashmere sweaters and my new grey knee lenth dress from the sale, and it looks just fabulous!! This one will be one of my favourites! Can warmly recommend Farandole for all. It is not heavy and it is not too fancy for a every day use. 120cm size is perfect for me, it can be used long or double for a different look. I actually don't have any necklaces :shame:sad:except one pearl necklace which I rarely use because it is so heavy). The reason is that I some how haven't "known" how to use them or didn't think I was a "necklace-kind-of-person". But now I can honestly say that this one I will definitely use!
  13. Love the Farandole!Many congrats!
  14. Then there was two nearly same size boxes left.. The other one would be something I still couldn't believe I managed to find from H store!! It is from the collection two years back..
    Well, here is the first one, a scarf which I think has such amazing colors! It goes so well with all the brown coats I have! Perhaps one day an orange or potiron H bag to join..:love:

    A Bolduc silk scarf. Don't know the cw.. I love the brown and orange tones and the great simple pattern! I saw this quite recently on one lovely fellow tPFer and it was love at first sight!
  15. Oh, what a wonderful pile of H goodies! I LOVE your plisse scarf!