Few questions..please help!

  1. Hello all!! I'm new here and this is my first post :smile: I'm in search for a new black bag. I'm currently using the LV Cabas Piano but it's a litte small for everyday use--i LOVE big bags! Anyhow, I'm thinking of getting a Balenciaga in black but I don't think i've ever seen one upclose. I'm looking for one bigger than the cabas piano, preferably about the size of the LV batignoelle horizontal. What would be a good size for me? Or, do you have anything that you ladies and gents recommend?? Any help will do! I'm in NEED of a new black bag!

    Thanks! :smile:
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    Hi and welcome to the pf! The first thing you need to do is go to the site I have linked below. It is like the encyclopedia for Balenciaga bags. In the left hand column there is a list of all the subjects you can find there. My favorites are color swatches from all seasons, all the different styles with prices and dimensions, and how to spot fakes. Then cruise around here, and deffinitely check out the family photos thread to see lots of pictures! Keep us posted on what you get, and make sure to share photos of your bag!
  3. Thanks so much Deana! I'll keep you all posted---I guess i'm not going to sleep tonight :p
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    Yep, I know what you mean! I will add some photos of my collection for you. I don't have any black bags, but you can compare the different sizes and shapes. The thumbnail photos from right to left are Bubblegum Pink First, Metallic Pink Rose Box, Turquoise Twiggy, French Blue Matelasse, and Bubblegum Pink City.
    1-03-07051.jpg 1-03-07032.jpg IMG_6110.jpg 05-04-07024.jpg IMG_7460.jpg