Few questions from Chanel newbie..

  1. Is the cambon line still available? If so, in what colour combos? I love the pink/black pochette, but it is discontinued, right? How much the cambon pochette retails and what are the going rates on eBay? :smile:

    Second thing, what is this bag: eBay item 280096105096 officially called, what was/is the retail and any experiences from owners? Thanks!
  2. yes, Cambon monochromatic is still available - black on black and beige on beige.
    Pink and other colors were discontinued more than a year ago.

    no idea about the bag you asked about it.
  3. Unfortunately, the pink/black cambon is discontinued. I notice it usually goes for $500 US & Under for the pochette. Good luck!
  4. Thanks :smile: