Few pictures of Chanel 2008 Cruise Accessories

  1. Source from Vogue.fr
    CCbangle.jpg ccLAroller.jpg CCpins.jpg CCplane.jpg CCbags.jpg
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    CCshoes.jpg CCzenjewelries.jpg
  3. Final picture. This is my favorite. It's also known as croco coco. I love the CC in white gold & diamond!
  4. wow miroir looking metallics are definitely still in... and that red patent peeptoe COCO goes to hollywood pump is TDF!!!! i def want that in the black!

    Not liking the plaid, "lancel" patterns and the vinyl bags.. Love the art deco bangles!! I may want to get these! And I'm not even a fan of Chanel plastic jewelry!
  5. Don't you think the mirior looking metallics resemble LV?

  6. My Nordstrom s/a just went to market in NYC for Cruise. She said coral is going to be a prominent fall color in many of the collections.

    She also mentioned Chanel is bringing back the Modern Chain ligne but in different styles, some hobo shaped. The chains will be made of resin to reduce the weight of the bag. While she said the resin is a really funky look, I'm not getting it.

    And, as I mentioned in another thread,, many of the Cruise bags will be $2800 and up; totes will be over $3K.

    If you have been contemplating or lusting for styles from previous seasons now is the time to buy!
  7. those heels/peeptoe pumps are HOT!!!
  8. LOVE the Peep Toe Pumps! AND the Deco Bangles for sure.:heart:
  9. Thanks for sharing. =)
  10. gorgeous!!! thanks for sharing, i love that crocococo and the red heels!
  11. Thanks so much for posting! :smile: OMG, those patent peep toe pumps are exactly the kind of hot, saturated color I love, and the detail is beautiful!!!!! :drool: I wonder how much they'll retail for!? :smile:
  12. Love the croco coco bag. Very pretty! Thanks for the posts.
  13. thank's for posting:smile:
  14. They all look sooo gorgeous!! Especially the handbags!! Oh how I wish I can buy all of them! LOL! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Thank you for posting!