Few minutes left on Magenta Twiggy...

  1. I just won the magenta first a couple of hours ago. I cant wait to see what this one goes for too.
  2. Congrats!!!! I'm glad you finally got your M. First!!!!
  3. Thanks:biggrin: I sware I thought it was going to take forever!
  4. :rolleyes: ^^ I know the feeling

  5. YEAH MFT!!!! Cannot wait to see your Magenta First! That is going to be one hot bag!!! Whoo hooooooo!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  6. Hey you!! I won!!!! Man I wish I had one of these guys ^^ too. MFT is officially broke. My collection is now complete:biggrin: I hope:Push: PMn ya:P
  7. I've been watching this one all week. :amuse:

    And congrats on your Magenta First, ranskimmie!
  8. Awww, thanks:rolleyes: :heart: Are you going for the magenta twiggy?:yes:
  9. I went for it, but lost. :cry: Maybe I'll get lucky next time!
  10. 811.88

    Is it acegirl? I think I remember her ebay id (I got a laugh out of it "Ieatcarbs")
  11. Wow!! Congrats to who ever snagged that one! Great deal! Hope its a PFR!!
  12. what a steal! if i only liked magenta...
  13. I lost also. =(

    So many bids were going in last minute my computer had a brain fart and decided to stop processing. Rats!

    But Congrats to the buyer!!! I hope its a Purse Forum member! Its a beautiful find!
  14. that's a great price! Not too cheap, not too expensive!
    I LOVE that id!!