Few items off vuitton.com

  1. seems they are changing most of the wallets and giving us more c/c slots.


    One of the members here Tammy 518 ( i think) has this wallet.

    they have even added more to the pochette wallet
    [​IMG] there are 8 inside and 2 under the flap.

    thought i'd post the new Nomade lockit as well

  2. Yep, I have the newer style PTI with the extra CC slots.

    I love the Nomade Lockits you posted!
  3. Thanks for sharing. Does anyone have a picture of inside of the new French wallet with 8 CC?
  4. i was hoping that vuitton.com would should like they do with someof the other wallets but they didnt:sad:
  5. I would love to see it too :yes:
    Are the French wallets now at Holt/LV Boutiques all the new style, or would they still be the old 4 CC style?? I'd love to purchase one of these with the 8 CC slots.
  6. On the pochette wallet, it's 6 CC slots in the back and 4 under the flap - I just got one in NYC about a month ago. Love it!
  7. Awesome, thank for that update. Are you able to post pic's for us ?
  8. Oh, I love the look of the nomade...but i so know I would destroy it!
  9. When I was in Calgary Holts, they were still selling the 4 slot FPs - they didn't have the 8 slot FP's yet. The SA I had (male Asian guy with plastic glasses-can't remember his name) said that LV has asked them to sell all the old stock before they will get the new 8 CC slot FP's in.

    IDK if all Holt's LV's have this policy.