few good pics! enjoy "window" shopping!!!

  1. :flowers: :heart: :drool:
    img10613725339.jpg img10613719938.jpg img10613719958.jpg img10613719980.jpg img10613719995.jpg img10613720002.jpg img10613720018.jpg
  2. looks so preeetttyyy! Thanks for sharing!
  3. The Satin clutch in the first pic is TDF IRL... :heart:. :love: + :drool: = :heart:
  4. :nuts: Lovely:girlsigh: Thanks for the eye candy;) :flowers:
  5. Oh lord:drool: :drool: The satin clutch:love:
  6. OH my gosh I haven't looked at them enlarged, but I KNOW they'll be good pics! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Edit: Looked at them now, do you have a pic of the Transparent Inclusion? I really want to see it. :crybaby:
    Anyways...the pink lining of the MC satin clutch is soooo pretty!!
  7. Ew.. I have to disagree on the satin clutch. Well I hope it looks better irl but the fluoro-highlighter-pink bits aren't doing it for me. Maybe if it was more like the MC scarves colours it would be more appealing to me? :shrugs:
  8. so pretty!
  9. Love the satin clutch! How much is it?
  10. omg drool...............
    and yes...emmichisit?
  11. pretty, i like the pink bangle.
  12. I love the Inclusion! Thanks so much for posting these pics!
  13. I cant wait to see these IRL, thanks for sharing!
  14. :tender:I have to come back to this later to view them all. Thanks!
  15. :drool: 0o0o0 i want the bangle/bracelet thingy :drool: