Few Chanel Questions from Chanel Newbie!

  1. Hey all,

    I'm normally in the Louis Vuitton forum, but my eye has drifted to Chanel! :graucho:

    I have just a few questions that I was hoping you all could help me with:
    • Price of Petite / Medium Cambon Shopping totes? Can they still be found in stores?
    • Any wallets you can suggest?
    • Other bags you can suggest? I carry just a wallet and cell phone and some makeup. I'd like to stay within the $1000 to $1200 range.
    Thanks in advance! :tup:
  2. ^ Thank you!

    I'm most in need of a wallet though...
  3. Ohh...I just viewed that thread and am thinking Medium or Small Cambon tote OR a pochette.

    EDIT: Thanks SO much missisa! You've been very helpful! :heart:
  4. ^No prob. :biggrin:

    Do hurry if you're buying a bag, the price increases are happening VERY soon. As in perhaps September 1st. Nordstrom has already increased prices, and the boutiques and other department stores will be close to follow with the increases. Good luck finding your bag or wallet. :yes: