Festive Dress Holiday Party, which dress? Help!

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  1. Hi all, I am going to a holiday party (for my SO's hedge fund firm), where it says festive dress. The venue however is quite fancy, (when I went for a different party last year it was black tie). Anyway, I'm trying to decide between these dresses... what do you think?

    dress #1


    dress #2

    or should I try to find something else? Or have any suggestions?
  2. I love # 2.
  3. they are both lovely, but number 2 is stunning!!
  4. #2 is gorgeous!
  5. love no.2!
  6. i go for the no. 2...
  7. I really like #2 too, but I am afraid, is it too showy/not conservative enough? Or do you have a suggestion for a coverup? Thanks!
  8. ^ I would agree with that...

    I would wear the first one with sparkling gold accessories. It would still be festive, but slighly more toned down. JMHO, but I tend to dress conservatively :shrugs:

  9. I like no. 2, too. But I don't know if it will look good with a coverup because of the big bow in front. Maybe a sheer wrap you can drape around your back and arms without covering the shoulders would work.
  10. #2 for sure..i don't like the front of #1
  11. the second one! It's perfectly acceptable for a work Christmas party as it doesn't show much skin and it's just flashy enough. I wore something much more flashy to my DH's Christmas party. LOL

    Where is the second dress from?
  12. both dresses are from bcbg. i got the second one at a steal for only $90 and the first one was only $30! But yeah, dress #1's front is not as cute for sure.
  13. I'm loving #2 also...very cute and great deals!
  14. Wow awesome deals!
  15. If I do dress #2, anyone have suggestions for accessories? I'm afraid if I do too much gold, it will too matchy matchy?