Fess up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Who has come to Bal section on a regular basis now and left their other loves behind??? LOL I know Twiggers has!!!~ who else has come to the Bal side? Come share with us!!!~ and welcome!!!!:welcome:
  2. I started on the Purse Forum as a BOttega Veneta addict..... then I sold off everything I owned.. and somehow.. found myself on the darkside... :death: and I brought my sister (blessings) along for the ride.. and she was a LV addict. :shame: :huh:OOH... I've fessed... Now i feel 100 times better... :p

    BBags anonymous :bagslap:
  3. ^^^LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:OMG~ that's awesome you brought your sis on board!!! Thanks for fessing up!!!!!!!!:tup:
  4. HEEHEE....guilty party here :shame: Although...I must confess that I still frequent LV quite a bit...the accessories are great over there!!! But bag wise...yea I'm here! I've also been sneaking over to Chloe as well!
  5. I have always been in the Balenciaga section girlie but now i am cheating a bit with YSL and JC, hehe.:blush:
  6. I'm a bag whore, but I will always come back to my balenciagas! :heart:
  7. YES - I have seen you there and wondered whether you would confess it. I am a terminal Mulberry addict recently turned Balenciaga (...but also with a taste for Chloe).
  8. I have always been in the Balenciaga section but I am lurking in Hermes...waiting for my Holy Grail of ALL bags. :sweatdrop:
  9. I started out at tPF looking at Hayden Harnett bags. Then ventured into LV, went a little overboard and sold most of my LV stuff except for a few. At that point I decided it was back to Hayden Harnett, Tokidoki and Not Rational bags, or at least less $$ bags. Then I saw a picture of a the most beautiful black city ever and I couldn't get it out of my head. The leather was amazing! I sold a bunch of my bags and got a Day and now I'm hooked!
  10. LOL Turtle!!!

    Jenova: I am seriously loving the Paddys!!! They are divine...although my shoulder is killing me at the end of the night LOL My second one is on its way....but then no more until the December sales (well...unless I can get a killer deal on a red or blue one LOL)!
  11. i used to be a Dior addict...and i hated the look of Balenciaga bags lol.:p..then i started lurking here, first on Dior only then on the other subforums...and THEN one day i woke up and i was DYING for a Bal ! i may not be posting much here but i am forever sneaking around and cuddling my growing collection - and since i bought my first Bal i have never bought another brand afterwards !:nuts:
  12. Oh dear - I know that we shouldn't discuss this HERE but I am developing a TERRIBLE passion for the BABY P's if you know what I mean!!! (I mean, I don't even use many small bags - I have too much stuff.) Good luck in your P********* quest!
  13. LOL Jenova!!
  14. I've always been on this side!
  15. I started with Chloe Paddingtons, wandered over to Balenciaga, and have been here ever since. I still have my Paddys, but have forayed into Chanel and more recently, Hermes. But I like the BBag forum best! :heart: