'Fess Up!

  1. What is the one (or more?) bag in your trove which makes you go EEK!?

    My first post on this forum was about two Via Spiga metallic bags which I'd just purchased. A gold one went back immediately; I kept a bronze one, because I loved the color and the style. After taking it out for a spin or two (ie too late to return it now!), I really started to dislike it:

    The leather squeaks and (to me) has an unnatural feel to it. The metal findings have an unnatural look to the finish. To finish it off, it has a black satin dustbag, which just reminds me of two many bad dates in the '70's.

    Needless to say it sits in my closet - I want to shriek each time I see it. :hrmm:

  2. A $40 bag from Target. I used to love it SO much, now its like this evil little thing mocking me from the corner.

    Also a nylon Bongo tote I bought awhile back for traveling. Oh and a Charlotte Russe bag, and a costume bag from Claires. Oh man. Does anyone want these?
  3. I used to buy on impulse (oh wait, I STILL DO!), but I have some horrid bags. At Target, I bought this pink and white floral oversized tote bag and eeeeps! Then I bought from some boutique this pink pleather bag with flowers that just SPLATTERED all over the purse with glitter. THEN I got this lacy, frilly handbag that is just too complex to describe. Let's say that there is glitter, curdoroy, lace, and tassles too. And now I can say wat I love: my BBags, Chanels, LVs, and Fendis. I guess the high prices really are justified.. u just love them MORE and they stay classic longer :smile:
  4. Vera Bradley tote. Got it for Christmas from my sister-in-law. Opened the box, held it up, long silence, then my husband says "she doesn't quite get you yet, does she?"

    And then a little Brighton shoulder bag that I actually bought myself. I'm so not a Brighton girl, I don't know what I was thinking. I was on vacation, sometimes I lose my mind when I'm away from home.
  5. I have a Biasia hobo in Eggplant that makes me wince every time I look at it. Stupid purchase. I have come to realize that I really am a neutral bag gal, and any attempts to prove otherwise end up disasterous-or at least wasteful.
  6. Last weekend, I took all the "eek" bags to Goodwill. The worst being a vinyl red croc kelly-style bag. Gag! What was I thinking when I bought that?
  7. not feeling my allison burns faithful bag anymore :sad: (And I remember REALLY wanting it a while ago)
  8. A Maxx north/south tote. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOO uncomfortable hanging off the shoulder, and I should have returned it. I saw someone last week with the east/west version, and while that looked nicer, I bet it's still not the most comfy bag.