'Fess up, what'd you all buy to beat the increase?

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  1. With the price increase, I know many of us planned some last minute purchases. I have been wanting a new bag but I'm not quite ready to take the plunge so I decided to wait it out. It'll be my most expensive bag so I want to research more and see if I feel the same a few months down the line. I did a little something but that hasn't come in yet so I'll wait to post that. ;) Confession time! What did you all get to beat the price increase?
  2. Too many scarves!! :P
  3. A lindy.

  4. I have a new Kelly Pochette in hand and I'm awaiting a decision on a new Massai - other than that, a few scarves, but no other major purchases.
  5. A kelly. :shame: And it's my first kelly.
  6. Cashmere shawl, evelyne gm 2, jamdani shawl, kelly 35.
  7. I wanted to get some things, but it came at a really bad time for me-- I'm really busy with my thesis right now (hence why I'm not posting so much) and I just don't have that much time to shop or even think about it!

    ...Unfortunately my thesis is due right as the increase happens. :sad: I guess I'll have to get myself a little something to celebrate then, regardless...
  8. Congrats!! you found one! Love it?
  9. A 35 Kelly :heart: and shhhhhh! don't tell dh;) 2 90cm scarves, 2 cashmere shawls & a Karo pm. My birthday is Sun. so I am already thinking about what I want! :graucho::rolleyes:
  10. Thanks for remembering! It is quite beautiful, but seems so fragile that I haven't used it yet -- it is silk/cotton and soooo sheer.
  11. A Birkin....:yahoo:
  12. Nothing and I actually told my SA that the price increases are absolutely unreasonable and that I wasn't planning on buying anything else. Au Revoir Hermès.:tdown:
  13. I hope to take Constance home on Sunday.
  14. Scarf ring, vintage scarf and a pocket scarf. Won't be buying much more though as can't justify spending over £200 on a bit of silk (even if it IS hand rolled). Instead of buying 4 or 5 a year, it'll only be one (and only if I really, really love the design).:yes:
  15. Quite a few scarves and a ficelle lizard 25 birkin... (Yea!!!)