Fess Up! What did you get from RueLaLa? Its practically sold out!

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  1. :graucho: The prices were pretty good considering its all new stuff. :party:
  2. Yep, it's all gone within 15 mins! what did you get? I couldn't decide on the daino hobo, now it's gone. haha! how do you resist such discounts?! arg!
  3. Actually, I don't think the prices were THAT good especially with the no return policy. They inflated some of the prices first and some of the items were not from Resort 2010. Idk just my opinion but congrats on those who got something!
  4. I got the Daino 'shoulder bag'.. I have been wanting it for months. I had blue and cork in my cart and was on the fence but the blue was sold out from under me quickly so that made the decision easier...
    Its the one that looks like a bucket tote...
  5. no one else is 'fessing up!
  6. I know, you can't tell me that there are that many PRADA lovers out there that don't belong to the forum!!!
  7. ohhh my! I'm amazed! I actually thought most of them would be hanging around here!! *winks*
  8. I totally missed this....head in the sand!!!! Ugh!!
  9. Emmy> no worries. Prada will pop up on rue la la I'm sure :smile: Just a matter of time!