'Fess Up! Pray tell! Bi-colour Box Calf Birkins SOLD

  1. Thanks to shopmom for posting the inventory from the BoyZ. My heart skipped when I saw that there were TWO 35cm bi-colour box calf Birkins available. I was slow to action .... and before I knew it, they were both

    Who are the two (or perhaps one) owners of these gorgeous, yummy yummy box calf birkins! Pictures please! Pictures please! :drool: :drool:
  2. Was tempted... but not me would have loved the raisin birkin....:crybaby:
  3. Is there any picture of these lovely birkins in this forum??
  4. ...the rouge vif box has gone aswell....
  5. Oh, no, Duna!:wtf:
  6. It's OK HG, I had emailed LZ, for pics, but it's a bit bright, better stick to rouge H!;) Actually, I just posted about this in the info thread; did you know that rouge H has changed in these last years? Pity, I liked it more before. My Plume from 1994 is the old rouge H, it's brighter than now with no brownish undertones....
  7. ^^^^Oh, boy! Did I tell you about my SO's? Now I'm worried.
  8. Why what's happened ? I know you SO a rouge H box, right? I placed a PO for Feb for a rouge H box, and luckily I had my Plume with me and my store manager saw it,(this is how the story of the different red came out) he said he'll look for a red that's closer to my Plume as possible...He said that my red is closer to rouge vif now...God knows....PM me if you find out more about this....
  9. Oh Man! Still no pictures of the box calf beauties? :sweatdrop:
  10. so anyone from here got it???
  11. ^^ I presume someone from here bought them because they were sold fairly quickly after shopmom posted the inventory from Luxury Zurich.:yes:
  12. ahhh! THANKS Mario!!!!
  13. just love that contrast interior.
  14. [​IMG]


    OMG! OMG! This is too much for my little heart! Swoon .....on the ground. Fainted.