Fess Up-new Ivory Purchases Anyone?????

  1. ok, guys,fess up-who got any new ivory epi things???????
    i am dying for a speedy (maybe an alma) i've wanted a 'white bag for sooooo long. pics please.........
  2. if anyone has the new pochette style, post it! i am drooling over this bag!
  3. New pochette style in epi? Do you mean the montaigne handbag?
  4. i don't know if that's the name of it, all the SAs were just calling it "the new pochette style" -- i was playing with them in 3 different stores. lol.
  5. i think i might pick up the alma or speedy this weekend, just can't make up my mind which to get.
  6. I did!!

  7. the montaigne - Is that similar to the pleaty? Same snap? I was this close to buying it last weekend. I think it's a great bag, super price and can work as a clutch or shoulder bag. I'm still regretting that lay down :sad:
  8. OK do you guys see the Ivoire EPI pochette in the store? TIA
  9. ^^ Dallas LV hasn't gotten theirs in yet.
  10. Congrats! It's amazing :nuts:

  11. my mom almost got the montaige...............but she got the pleaty instead

    <--------- right here :love:
  12. I am patiently waiting for my petit noe That I missed delivery for on Saturday ...:girlsigh: :whistle: :wondering
  13. I really like it.
  14. yeah the new clutch (i guess is a better word for it but it doubles as a shoulder bag) is very sleek and modern looking with the same latch the beverly has on it. but this bag is just beautiful. smooth leather on the flap, silver closure, textured epi on the bottom. gorgeous.

  15. What I meant was the regular pochette without the metal lock. Anyone see it?