Fess up, how many purses do you own?

I never really actually counted, but I think I have at least 20-25 bags...I'm so ashamed. Thank god, I'm not really a shoe horse, about 50-55 pairs of shoes.
:shame: i actually don't own that many bags... well not yet anyway....... i think i've only got 5 actual bags that i use/rotate around!

BUT as for shoes, thats a different story... i've got over 20 pairs!!! :shame:
I've probably got.. over 50 pairs of shoes. Nothing really expensive though. It helps that my feet are about a size 5, which is a size 3 youth so I have an extensive collection of children's shoes.. haha. But I really like collecting tennis shoes, they're just so comfortable and always look great !
I have well over 20 designer bags in my closet. In terms of shoes, I have feet the size of Big Bird's so I am not obsessive about shoes. I currently have about five pairs of shoes, including my favorite UGGs boots. One hasn't really owned a good pair a shoes until they own a pair of UGGs. Yes, the style is UGGly but they are soooooooo comfy.