'Fess up, fendi girls...

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  1. with all these sales these past weeks, what new fendis have you gotten, or do you have coming?

    Since last week, I ordered the patent spy from NAP (not on sale, but I did get free shipping) AND the denim spy from Bluefly. I got the denim spy for a steal... it came out to almost half off with all the assorted discounts. Not sure if I will be keeping both bags...

    How about you? What have you snagged from these sales?
  2. To be honest i havn't bought one!!!! I am finding it EXTREAMLY hard though. My husband wants me to stay away from the bags for a few months as we are saving for a new ski boat!!

    My last purchase was my blueberry spy which i bought around three months ago!!:yes: I REALLY want the Taupe Spy, but i also want that boat....
  3. Awwww...saving for the boat will be worth it!

    I wish I had a taupe spy to loan you in the meantime, but I don't. :heart:
  4. I got that cherry corded spy from saks.com on sale. I am so anxious to get it because I am paranoid that it's going to be in bad condition or something, and the 4 they had sold out in a matter of minutes, so no substitutions. Not that I should keep it anyway!

    That has really been the only thing that tempted me so far, though I have my eye on a snakeskin B bag that I saw somewhere on sale... going to see if it is still around come second mark-down. :yes:
  5. ooooh, cherry corded? Woman, you are such a fendi goddess! I can't wait to see it!:heart:
  6. I know, I couldn't believe it went on sale so quickly after they restocked the website. I almost never see saks or neiman's put a spy on sale! I will post pics. I don't think my husband realizes that I bought it. He was basically asleep when I asked him, and I knew I had to act or it would be gone!
  7. Lit---you are one bad Spy Lady! I really wanted that Cherry one, but just gotta get the right price & be there at the right place & time.

    Maybe I will find a Hand-me-down sometime:sad:!
  8. I know, I should have bought them all and gave them to you guys! I got "lucky" to see that saks put them on sale right at the right time. I would not have known except someone posted under the deals and steals--it was around 1 AM here!
  9. Haha,maybe i should try this sometime! Bu congrats anyway, i love the cherry corded!!!!
  10. I got the denim spy from Bloomies on Saturday...I don't know if I should keep it tho. I'm waiting for the Chloe Edith that I ordered before I can decide...
  11. You snooze, you lose. :P
  12. I bought 2 spy last week. I ordered on from jomashop, although it said it's grey, but when I received, actually it's more in taupe color which I like it a lot, works for all year around. I also got one from ebay in brown color, will receive it tomorrow. I am planning to keep both of them. I really love Fendi Spy, my new addiction.
  13. Oh Liti so glad you got the Cherry Corded you will love the colour.

    Yes you had to be quick when getting that Corded:sneaky:thought they would sell out quick. Do hope its OK when it comes.
  14. LOL--I will let you know how it works out. I actually am working on getting him to say "no" more often, but then....
  15. Me too-I can't wait to see it! :love: