Fertility Monitors/OPKs: Your experiences/advice

  1. As some of you know, I had a miscarriage a few weeks ago. My DH and I are sad, but have decided to get back on the proverbial horse as soon as we're ready. I was doing a little research into different methods of tracking my most fertile days, etc. and want to 'take charge' of TTC. My first prenancy was a surprise, but this time we're planning. I didn't end up having a D&C, so after my Dr.'s appointment last week she said we only needed to wait one cycle.

    So, what are your experiences with fertility monitors and ovulation predictor kits? The clear blue easy seems to work from reviews, but the price tag makes me balk a bit, especially if it doesn't work for me. TIA!
  2. I think OPK's are a fantastic idea....I would NOT invest in the fertility monitors though. I personally think they are way too much money when you can accomplish the same results with OPK's. I quickly learned that I always ovulated around CD 17 or 18 rather than 14 or 15, so OPK's were very helpful for me.

    You can buy inexpensive OPK's at this store:

    A lot of women that I was on Infertility boards with bought in bulk from there and they ship very fast.
  3. Thanks Japster!!! I hope you're feeling better :smile:
  4. Thanks!

    I also wanted to give you a link to Fertility Friend, which offers all sorts of charting software. I think it's free, though I haven't used it in years.
  5. Yup, it's free. Thanks!
  6. I used a OPK every month and conceived successfully w/ both pregnancies.
    I HIGHLY recommend one.
  7. Fertility monitors are excellent and they are right on target. Clear Plan Fertility Monitor is excellent and works!!! It worked for me the first month. I think it is worth every penny and I would recommend. (especially if you plan to have more than one baby...you can use it again and again) Best of Luck!!!
  8. Do you have to keep buying anything for that one or how does it work? I bought a kit online and I got I think 15 OPKs and 4 HPTs for about $18...but now I'm thinking back and even when the OPK didn't show that I was ovulating, I still got pregnant (and I testd every day for like a week). So I'm curious as to how the Clearblue works and if it's more reliable. I am also wanting to try again after M/C:yes:
  9. The one I purchased is likeamini computer and it actually stores your info for reference. You get a monitor, manual, and many test sticks. It was enough sticks for me for two months and I only used 1/2 because I got pregnant the first month.

    It tells you when to test and for how long to test. You have a screen that you watch. It will show your low days...higher days where you could get pregnant and then the highest days. You make sure to have intercourse on both the high and very high days.

    The refill sticks were like $12 at the time and I think you get 12 or 15. I would have to go and look for sure.

    I went with this method because of the proven results and to me it was worth the investment. My husband has a crazy work schedule and I felt knowing the best days would give me an advantage for trying to conceive. He works many evenings, so I wanted to get my best chance of getting pregnant in the least amount of time.

    It is also nice because you will have info to provide your doctor if by chance you need too.

    It was great and truly worked. I am a happy customer!!! Not one test on any given day failed.

    pm me if you want more info or have any other questions.
  10. Kellybag, that's the one I was looking at. The computer itself is about 150 on Amazon now (the lowest I found) and the sticks are 40-50 dollars for 30, which last three months. I may try the OPK's for a month or two, then switch if I have no luck.

    Thanks for all the info!!
  11. hi- good luck with TTC. the clearblue monitor kept on giving me false readings. it gave me a peak when i was already preggers as well as the opks! i used them both. i realized i o'd literally 2 days after my AF and they dont take the reading till days after AF. i would just suggest bding every other day=) oh and preseed. good luck!
  12. Thanks! The ones from babywishes worked just fine (obviously). I was pg after one month.
  13. Why is it some OPK's don't work? I did OPK's for 3 cycles and not pregnant :tdown:. Getting kind of frustrated and sick of spending all this money w/no results.
  14. I hear you- mine have not once turned positive and yet I know I'm ovulating because I did get pg back in February. Now we're trying again and I started using the OPKs from Early=Pregnancy-Tests and the most I've gotten (one month) is a line almost as dark as the control line. But I get my period and have the egg-white stuff (sorry if TMI) and my doctor tested me for ovulating hormone after my D&C to make sure I was going to get back on track.
    So I'm not sure what to think about OPKs as they seem to work so well for most people but I'm really not finding success.